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17: What did you like about the book and this character?

Robert Pattinson: I read the screenplay before the book and thought ‘I can do this. ” I thought there was something very attractive and touching about the story. The next day I read the book and I loved it.

17: How is the relationship between Jacob and Marlena?
RP: The relationship between Jacob and Marlena are complicated with time. Marlena is trapped in an abusive marriage. I think Jacob is a very good and not wanted to play as someone who comes into the world of the circus – that has been created from scratch by August – to steal his wife and destroying their way of life.

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17: How did you prepare to play Jacob?
RP: I liked the idea of ​​interpreting it as someone who truly loves Marlena and does not want to destroy everything that is his life. He appreciates and is pretty much resigned to not having it if it means she will be happier. 

17: How was working with Reese?

RP: That was my first job in this race and it is the same now as it was at that time. I did not know what he was doing at that time. I had no experience as an actor and got the job by accident so I was absolutely terrified. She went to my trailer before filming began and said, ‘Do you want to review your dialogue and talk about the scene? ” She was incredibly famous and was not obliged to do that. I was sitting there in the cab of my little trailer and said, ‘Well, okay. ” I had no idea what he had to say. It was nice working with her on this occasion. Reese I have met a few times through the years and has always behaved so great. As it appears on the screen is the same as in real life. It has an aura of good energy that gives all.
17: What was the biggest challenge in the film?
RP: When I read the script for the first time I felt that my character initially did not have many scenes like the others and I thought to myself, ‘Well, the pressure will be on Reese and Christoph, not me,’ and then I realized that I’m in every scene but did not say anything at the beginning of the film.
17: How do you feel about working with animals?
RP: I think I have more affinity with animals than with people. For many reasons, I prefer working with animals and children with actors. Often when you’re working with actors, it becomes something almost competitive … Another reason I like working with animals is that they do not know if you’re the star or just an actor.
17: Have you always been an animal lover? Did you have a pet?
RP: I had a dog for 18 years. Patty called and it was amazing. I got another dog a few days in Louisiana. I decided to rescue a dog from a shelter, they were about to sacrifice. Do not really know what your race, is a kind of mix of everything.
17: I want teens all over the world, how does it feel to be the leading man?
RP: It’s weird, I never got before Twilight heartthrob roles. It’s funny when the world suddenly turns and are seen very differently.
17: Are you disciplined when exercising?
RP: At the beginning of the last film of Twilight, trained obsessively and I decided to be very, very healthy, going to the gym and riding a bike everywhere.
17: Now you live in Los Angeles, Do you miss your home in England?
RP: Yes, definitely. I miss the newspapers, still prefer the English papers. Strange to read the sports section. I miss football. The Arsenal is one of my favorite teams. Strange light in England. I know it sounds really ridiculous, but the light in London is different to anywhere else in the world.
17: What are your goals?
RP: I want to produce films and be more involved in pre-production of films that come out.
17: So far your career has taken a special flight, what has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
RP: That’s no point in trying to please everybody, which I learned when trying to do just that

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Translation: robstendreams

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