*SCAN* + Translation ‘Water for Elephants’ Review in French Magazine   13 comments

Translation: Thanks to LeRPattzClub

Unbalanced talent among the lead actors and a predictable story.

With this film, we wanted to know if Robert Pattinson could play something different from his tortured vampire role in which he only displays 2 emotions througout the Twilight saga. The answer is yes: actually he can play a tortured veterinary student who only displays 2 emotions throughout this film. He is not strong enough to face Christoph Waltz who displays anger from the very first time we see him or even the sweet Reese Witherspoon who is so charming. Pattinson can’t really express anything with this love triangle set in a circus during the Great Depression. It ‘s lacking passion and sensuality to trigger off any emotions.

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13 responses to “*SCAN* + Translation ‘Water for Elephants’ Review in French Magazine

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  1. Wow, this man really hates Rob… But even if you hate him, it’s insane to give 1 star to this movie… This is the most unprofessional review that I’ve seen in many, many time…

  2. Most reviews I saw & read so far were positive about Rob and the movie. To give 1 star of 5 for the movie is uncalled for. I hope that this reviewer will be a loner in his opinion!

  3. I’m stunned and I sincerely wonder if the guy even saw the movie before he wrote his review or if he just went on the first trailers alone. Harsh, crass and totally absurd are words that come to mind. It’s as if he had preconceived ideas before he even watched…if, in fact, he did. Poor form….very poor form.

  4. Screw the French! He’s mad because rob is in Bel ami, a french novel. The movie and rob are great!!!

  5. I am french and i can tell you that me and my friends totally don’t agree with him! Obviously he never watch the movie but only the trailer. It’s not the first time this guy had bad things to say about Rob. He don’t like him ok, but this review is unprofessionnal because WFE doesn’t deserve only 1 star. This movie is going to be a great movie! And in France we are going to support Rob the best we can. And for Bel Ami too!!!! Because we love Rob and his movies!!!!

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  7. Of course we love Rob, we are totally devoted to him !!
    I hate this stupid guy who’s pretending that rob have only two “emotions througout ” .. Does he forget Remember Me ?? Has he seen the so nice smile when Jacob J. discovered Rose in WFE ? The emotion that he broadcast to us ?
    French girls are there to shout how they love Robert Pattinson !!! Not just Edward Cullen, but the great actor 🙂

  8. Like my lovely friends Envy and Moxi, I look forward to the release of this film and especially the performance of Rob.

    All French fans of Robert eagerly awaiting this movie and the next.

    We are much more numerous in France to love Rob than that idiot journalist who obviously hate him without reasons.

  9. I’m agree with my friends Envy, Moxinette and Marmotton!!! This journalist is jealous of Robert Pattinson. Rob is beautiful and talented. Water for elephant will be very successful!!!!
    I’m just a french fan and i apreciate this actor et your charm.

  10. Hello I am french too. Envy, Moxi and Marmotton are friends of mine. I’m very upset with this guy’s review, so unfair.
    Be sure, french people love Robert Pattinson and will show him for the WFE Premiere in Paris and for the release of his next films. We hope he’ll be there, in France, during the Festival de Cannes.
    This guy doesn’t know anything about talent, movies or books. I’m sure, he didn’t hear anything about Sara Gruen’s best seller or Tai… He just saw trailers… Writing this film deserve only one star … it’s a shame!

  11. Hello girls,
    excuse my english who’s not perfect, but i must write something (I’m French too and my friends have already do their comments! :)) this journalist in a perfect idiot! It’s not our opinion in France! We love Rob and his films and we ‘ll whatch WFE in Paris soon! and we can’t wait because we are very impatients to see Rob and this wonderful film!!!

  12. It has come to my attention some critics uninspired reviews my be due to the fact , that for some reason or another their Embedded emotional stimuli can only be fed by certain actors/actresses. Therefore you begin to understand why their reviews can be somewhat skewed.

    I am a fan of Robert P. and looking forward to seeing WFE . The entire talented cast worked hard to bring us a spectacular movie.

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