We Will Be Covering the Premiere of “Water for Elephants” From the Red Carpet This Sunday!!   24 comments

We will be live tweeting and covering the Premiere  of “Water for Elephants” from the Red Carpet on Sunday! Be sure to follow our tweets and stay tuned! 

Posted April 14, 2011 by natalienw in Water for Elephants

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24 responses to “We Will Be Covering the Premiere of “Water for Elephants” From the Red Carpet This Sunday!!

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  1. So happy for you guy….You will do a great job. Don’t forget to breathe and get lots of picture…I’ll be looking for you. So so awesome. Have a great time.

  2. Can’t even type I’m so excited for you! lol

  3. I am sooo happy you are able to attend the premiere! Have a wonderful time, try to relax and savour each moment, it will go by so fast. What a great group of ladies you will be hanging out with. Have a great, no, much more than great time. Love ya.

  4. Rob, Have you ever read Modoc (by Ralph Helfer? Its a true story about an elephant and one of the best books I ever read. You’d Love it!

    Patricia Petrash
  5. Rob Remember me ? We have that date to get married next Saturday 1pm. You will be there right? I have foot warmers so no cold feet


  6. Ask Rob if are interested in the Jeff Buckley movie directed by Jake Scott and the Akira movie?

  7. Have fun Marie and all the other wonderful ToR ladies who are going! Hope you get to see Rob up close and personal but just being together to experience the premiere … that in itself is just awesome! <3s

  8. Favorite birthday gift he has received.

  9. Have fun, ladies!

    Ask Rob if he cried or giggled when breaking dawn wrapped 🙂

  10. Please ask him if he would like to have such a good experience in future movies as he has had in this one?

    Grettings from spain (idoia)

  11. pls ask rob to sing in the BD asoundtrack, we miss his soulful voice

  12. Rob, will you come to Belgium one day? Like for a Breaking Dawn premier? We love you!

  13. Sounds like great fun to actually be in the press line, wow! Really wouldn’t know what to ask and maybe wouldn’t ask anything since they get questioned to death at these things, although I guess they expect that. Does he realize how much his fans have been anticipating this movie and how much fun WE have had too, watching it come together. Also maybe just let him know how much his fans appreciate him and enjoy his movies.

  14. Did Tai remember Rob when he saw her again recently & how did she let him know?

  15. Wow!! I hope that you all have a wonderful time. I am sure you will.

  16. Hey i know this is not a question but can you please tell Robert that i will love him forever and always!! Thank you have a amazing time xxx

  17. Ask Rob if he will request a London Premiere of BD2, as its his home town.

  18. AWESOME! How exciting! Of course I am incredibly jealous, but so happy! Please tell Rob that his loyal fans are anxiously awaiting all this wonderfulness to come. 🙂 I have a WFE related question. Besides Jacob which other character would he envision himself playing? Who or what was his favorite character? A VERY happy early birthday wish. 😀 Thank you so very much!! Have a BLAST!!!!!!

    Kellie Robsessed

  20. I am sorry about the weather, but the movie must be a great one!

    If you can, please ask them when we will be able to see the movie in Japan.
    No official date released in Japan so far. This earthquake related desaster may have caused delay, though.

    Thanks! and stay dry!

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