First Still & Clip of Robert Pattinson from ‘The Ellen Show’ and Details from the show!   2 comments

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From Celebuzz:

What we wouldn’t give to have been on set THAT day!

Robert Pattinson continues his press tour for Water for Elephants by stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Wednesday, to discuss his, um, unmentionables.

The Twilight star revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he had a wardrobe malfunction — in a pair of Ellen-branded undies! RPattz explained he was down to his last pair of underwear, and chose to wear a pair Ellen had recently given him on set.

He told the talk show host, “I only had one pair left and they were those ones (“Ellen” underwear). We were doing this big fight screen and for some reason I think the shape of my body, my back is too long or something. So my a** is constantly hanging out!”

He added, “Every single shot we were doing this big fight and every shot has these Ellen underpants. It came to a point where producers are calling up my agent going, ‘I don’t know what he is up to but I don’t like it!’”

Ellen rewarded him with a gift of (what else?) a basket full of Ellen underwear! The full episode airs Wednesday, April 20th.

Via RPLife | Popsugar

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2 responses to “First Still & Clip of Robert Pattinson from ‘The Ellen Show’ and Details from the show!

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  1. Wow isn’t Robert pattinson handsome and a gentlemen ,too bad allow guys aren’t like Robert pattinson I just long allow if Rob’s pictures:))

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