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New Fan Pics from the WFE Premiere, Today Show, and Live with Regis and Kelly   Leave a comment

Here are @katinamae‘s photo’s from her adventures in NYC 🙂

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Two More New Water for Elephants TV Spots With New Scenes   1 comment

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More New Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson at the WFE Premiere in NYC   Leave a comment

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New Fan Videos of Robert Pattinson at the Water for Elephants Premiere   Leave a comment

Here are some more fan videos of Robert Pattinson at the WFE premiere

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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*VIDEO* Reelz Channel’s “Robert Pattinson Career Spotlight”   Leave a comment

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Mark Povinelli talks about working with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Mark Povinelli (Kinko) talks about working with Rob in an interview with Reel Movie News

How was it working with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon as costars?
I didn’t know a lot of Rob’s stuff, but I was aware of him. I’d seen the Harry Potter movies
 but I hadn’t seen any of Twilight films. He was a name to me, and not really somebody I could closely identify with. When I went in to work with him, I was like ‘who is this guy?’ When I started to understand the Rob fascination, it turns out that Rob is a really down to earth, sweet, kind of silly, very bright young man. That was the thing that surprised me the most. I thought of him as a Tiger Beat, Teen Beat matinee idol, when actually in this film he’s a leading man. He’s a rugged leading man with still a sweet boyish face that can really carry a film. He carries two hours of this epic story on his back and I think he carries it off beautifully. One of the charming things about Rob is that when we’re not filming, often times he’s off reading a book and he’s very well read. He understood so much about the depression era in America, so much about circuses. He would reference old movies and old pictures he’d seen and done research on. He’s not just ‘what movie am I doing next?’, he really dives into a role and I think he’s an actor. He does his work and research and he comes prepared.

People are saying this is Rob’s real breakout role. It would be great to see ‘Academy-award winning actor’ before his name as well.
I think at some point it’s going to be there, whether it’s for this or not, he’s got the chops to be able to be that guy at some point. It’s a matter of when, not if. The thing about this film, is that Rob is this film, in the sense that it is completely told from his characters prospective. He’s in every shot of every scene and knowing that, we knew that he was going to make or break this film. I really do, honestly, think he makes it. He looks fantastic, to no ones surprised, but he carries himself and is so committed to the character. He’s on screen with Reese and Christoph and he absolutely holds his own and totally delivers. Everyone has this big question of can he do this, and he’s got this big target on his forehead. He can, and he did.

You’ve also booked Snow White opposite Julia Roberts. Are you excited to work with her?
It’s hard for me to come up with a bigger star than Julia Roberts. Again, I’ve been following hers, and a fan of hers for 20 years. To think 20 years ago, if someone had told me I’d be able to work back to back with the Reese’s and Rob’s and Christoph’s of the world and then go right into something with Julia Roberts is very exciting.

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*NEW* pictures of Robert Pattinson at Jimmy Kimmel Live – Arriving and signing for fans   Leave a comment

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Weekend Predictions for ‘Water for Elephants’   Leave a comment

From BoxOffice:
Water for Elephants has quite a lot going for it. It’s based on the best-selling novel by Sara Gruen, so that gives it a built-in audience. Add to that the fact that any director would kill to have the film’s three leads, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz, and you have what looks like a hit. Elephants is bound to appeal more to moviegoers aged 25+, and that means there may not be a huge opening weekend rush. Expect the film to show decent legs even as Fast Five and Thor begin to dominate multiplexes in the weeks to come.

Online buzz is surprisingly strong for Elephants. The drama leads all unreleased films with a 17.24% market share of online opinions. The presence of Robert Pattinson certainly accounts for a lot out of those comments.

On Facebook, Water for Elephants’ most active page has added nearly 50,000 new supporters since early Monday morning. That’s a very healthy number for a drama aimed at adults. Twitter activity is also very strong. Water for Elephants is inspiring more tweets than Remember Me and Charlie St. Cloud.

Fandango is reporting that Water for Elephants accounts for 10% of daily sales. That impressive figure could jump even higher tomorrow as more couples plan for the weekend.

Expect Water for Elephants to take in $18 million from about 2,700 locations during its debut frame.

Full article at BoxOffice

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Full HQ Video of Robert Pattinson on Kimmel!   Leave a comment

Here’s the full HQ video of Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel 

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Official Protocol for the Premiere of Water for Elephants in London   Leave a comment

Here is the official protocol for the UK premiere of Water for Elephants. 


We have just received an email from the publicist organising the UK Premiere regarding the official protocol for the UK Premiere of Water for Elephants. Details are as follows:

Water For Elephants Early Arrivals

1) All guests are to queue along Westfield Way opposite the coach/Taxi Drop off towards Shepherds Bush Green entrance. There is no set time for arrivals the day before but the Westfield centre closes at 9pm, FYI.

2) Canine and additional patrolling officers will monitor the queue to ensure safety and orderly conduct. Please bear in mind that this is a residential area.

3) The external patrolling officer will check the area around the front of Shepherds Bush station and mall entry points and inform guests of the position for queuing.

4) At 07:30am on Tuesday 3rd the agreed number of people are to be counted in stages and allowed access to the crowd pen area inside the atrium.

5) Security officers will position themselves at the entrance of Lobby 2 and issue a wristband for the agreed crowd pen.

6) Once all guests have been secured within the designated crowd pen, the centre will open as normal.

For your information, public toilets and a 24 hour shop are located nearby.  There are a couple of points re. numbers and situations of crowd pens that are still not quite finalized.