Fan Pictures, Video & Story Experience from the WFE Premiere in Paris

Here are some pictures, a video and a great story from PattyStewBoneCT, who attended the Paris WFE premiere

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My Pics,Video and Story Experience from “Water For Elephants” Paris Premiere
I was at the French Movie Premiere, among the people who could watch the movie. So, I couldn’t assist at the Red Carpet outside the cinema, but I could see the actors in the cinema and I took some pics from the Red Carpet on big screen and a video. But, lucky as I am, the memories of my digital camera let me down some seconds after Robert Pattinson came on stage. But I have wonderful memories and I can tell to all people who have never met him yet : He’s adorable, funny, a little bit shy I think. (What ? everybody know that ? lol) Oh, and he’s really really handsome. (Everybody knows that too, I’m sure of that, lol.) He loves playing with the fans’ Digital Camera, and he looked for some guys among the fans. (Yeah, yeah, he sayed that, lol) Christoph Waltz, Reese Witherspoon and Francis Lawrence are really sweet too.
Concerning the movie, I have one thing to tell you : GO SEE IT! It’s magical. You find all you want : fight, love, humour, animals, hatred, emotion, family and many more. A beautiful story, amazing scenery, really colourful, and a Jacob’ scene in particular will become cult. “Remember Me” was my Robert’s fave movie so far, but now I can admit my favorite Rob’s movie is “Water For Elephants”.
Thanks PattyStewBoneCity for sharing these with us!