Great fanmade video of Robert Pattinson   10 comments

Here’s a great video made by Francies67:


Posted August 6, 2011 by Sim in Fan Vids, Robert Pattinson

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10 responses to “Great fanmade video of Robert Pattinson

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  1. Whew [she blinks rapidly & inhales deeply] Wow. . . mesmerizing . . . just incredible beautiful. This literally took my breath away. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is so good! By my friend Francies in Italy! She did a wonderful job! Rob and the Tango = SEXY AS HELL!

  3. It´s breathtaking! Fabulous!

  4. thank you Francies67!! *goes to take cold shower*

  5. Well Francies You should be a Director for one of Robs pictures. He would definitely get a nomination for your direction! Out standing !

  6. Thanks for your words, but it is easy to create something beautiful when the subject is so special. Add the fact that I love him to death … and the damage is done…<3

  7. Dear, dearest Francies, this is beyond any description!!!! Great music and most important, great photos. I’m very proud of my own photo collection but you rock!! tell me where did you find those rare ones, you know Rob, laying down head back eyes closed and the one with the vintage underwear they are
    simply awesome. Please, please contact me. Thank you Thank you in advance

  8. P.S. I mean the photos at points : 1.34 2.10 2.29 2.32-2.33 2.36 and 2.45 Once again you are perfect…

  9. @ oceanpebble…is all screencap that i did on movie WFE…and i create the effects…after. only 2,32 is a maniporn creation….but is so thud…ahahah….if you want my pics you can ask my friendship on facebook. Francies Cullen….find them all…bye

  10. I get so tongue tied

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