Livestreams and info about the Teen Choice Awards   12 comments


Red Carpet & Backstage: Starts 6:30 EST/3:30 PST (12:30 Europe|11:30 PM UK) at | Livestream 2 | Livestream 3 

Award Show: Live at Fox 8 EST (2 AM for Europe | 1 AM for UK) – Livestream | Livestream 2 | LiveStream 3 | LiveStream 4

Rob is nominated for:

Actor Drama (WFE)

Actor Sci Fi/Fantasy (Eclipse)

Liplock (with Kristen – Eclipse)

Male HottieVampire

Movie Drama (WFE)

Movie Actor Sci Fi/Fantasy (Eclipse)

We’ll add more streams if we come across them.

The Teen Choice Awards will be aired on Channel 4Music on August 13th: click here for info

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12 responses to “Livestreams and info about the Teen Choice Awards

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  1. Live Streams offline! Are they online when it starts?? I dont want to miss the teen choice awards …

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  4. can’t wait antill tonight!

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  6. You ladies are so dependable! Thanks Dreamy!
    Can’t wait to watch the TCA! Countdown … 2 hours 10 minutes. 🙂

  7. Ehy.. Does someone know if in Italy I can see TCA on TV?
    I have SKY, so i can see FOX..

  8. I´am italian ….but i was born in Germany!!!!

  9. hmmm….wir haben hier den 08.08.2011 weshalb steht da 07.08.2011????
    ich bin auch unter Facebook zu erreichen:
    marina ciccone-monopoly



  10. also ich hab jetzt ale Videos angeschaut was muss man denn hier tun????<<<>>>
    So I’ve now looked at what ale videos have to do it here????<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>
    Così ora ho guardato i video che ale ha a che fare qui?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>


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