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1.Movie magazin”SCREEN” 2011-Septemper Issue-Magazine of Japan

English Translation :mina

Remember Me :The ambitious work that Robert himself impressed deeply
to the script and let himself be a part of executive producers
(Remember Me/WFE/Cosmopolis)

Remember Me-The script that Will Fetters wrote when he was a college
student intrigued the producer Nicholas Osborne. Then the director
Allen Coulter joined and then not popular Robert Pattinson joined to
make it happen to the big screen. But they faced financial difficulty
and 2 years flew by. When “Twilight” made a huge hit in 2008, the
producers all resolved that Robert will leave the project; to
everyone’s surprise he stayed in. Now so hot actor was a part of the
main cast, everything started to be in a shape. This is the movie that
he concerned of ever since he was not well known actor, it is the
movie with Robert’s contemplation.

Excerpt: Robert Pattinson in
“Water for Elephants” & “Cosmopolis”

Robert told us the reason why he chose those 2 movies in the row.”It
is not only both movies got amazing casts, but I thought both of the
movie themes were kind of rare in the industry these days.”
It looks like both of the movies will be appealing “must see”; not
only to the Rob fans but also to genuine movie fans.

2.English Learning Magazine “English Journal” September Issue comes
with a CD; interview with Robert Pattinson

“Hollywood’s Two Hot Actors in The Love Story of Fate in The Great
Depression era ” ―Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon
Based on the best seller novel, this epic love story comes to the big
screen with 2 great stars, Water For Elephants.
Interview Data: April 3rd,2011 at Los Angeles

The copyright is strictly limited in Japan, introduce to you is only an excerpt.

EJ:Rob,can you remember when you decided that you wanted to become an actor?
Pattinson: Um, ha, I don’t know, I mean, I guess I had an experience
when, when I was, I did a Harry Potter film years ago and it was just
when I was just starting to kind of realize that I wanted to be an
actor, even though I’d already finished three movies by that point.
Um, but, uh, I remember being in Tokyo and looking out the window and
kind of had the, sort of, Tokyo skyline made ,uh , I just, sort of
,realized that I could reflect on what had happend in my life and ,
uh, I was kind of, uh, in awe of what road I’d taken, kind of ,by

thnx to Clara from Robert Pattinson press Japan for sending this to us

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  2. Wow. I didnt know Rob had signed for RM before Twilight. That is one big news! And it kinda made me laugh at the part when the producers began to freak out that Rob would leave the project. Still it is not surprising that he didnt leave, it again proves how dedicated he is and cares less about the movie budget.

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