Scans featuring Robert Pattinson from Japan’s ‘Screen Magazine’ – October 2011   2 comments

 Here are scans from Japan’s Screen magazine thanks to Clara

See the rest of the scans and translation after the jump!

The Magazine cover says “They are THE sexiest Actors and Actresses! ”
and Rob’s name along with those other big names including Johnny Depp,
Orlando Bloom, James Franco, Mira Jovovich, Angelina Jolie and etc.
Also in the column “Let’s get the latest and must see movies of 2011
to 2012”, “Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn” was the top of the list.

The first column “These are the blockbusters you don’t want to miss!” shows 2 pages long introduction of “Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2” along with 1 page of “Cosmopolis”.

Robert Pattinson has again made the list of the Sexiest Stars 2011 together with 22 other actors and actresses. Reviewers are raving his acting in this movie and saying “Pattinson can’t hide his sensual aura even when playing a boy in his adolescence.” “Tyler played by Pattinson in Remember Me reveals his fragile and broken heart – it is guaranteed to hit moviegoers mother instinct.” “It’s a romance which takes place in New York City, the city of love, and a coming-of-age story of a young man, in which Pattinson demonstrates his exceptional talent in being sometimes cute, and sometimes sexy, irresistible human-being.”

Remember Me

Robert Pattinson:”Tyler is like any other guy in his 20’s, like me, struggling things as any other this generation does, but I think his struggle is a bit different from just longing for love. He is tired of those dissatisfaction coming from nowhere or conflicts again and again, he is struggling himself get out of himself not being adult, then he meets this girl and started to believe in himself, that overlap myself.”

2 responses to “Scans featuring Robert Pattinson from Japan’s ‘Screen Magazine’ – October 2011

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  1. love japanese magazine,anyone here can help me get a copy of this for me? I live in jakarta, thanks

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