NEW Bel Ami Stills with Robert Pattinson   15 comments

Here are 4 new Bel Ami stills and a BTS picture  with Robert Pattinson 

See more after the jump!

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15 responses to “NEW Bel Ami Stills with Robert Pattinson

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  2. OH MY GEORGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want this film NOW

  3. I want this film and I want it NOW!!!!!

  4. Holy Mother of the baby Jesus! I want this movie now!

  5. OMFG! =O I want it NOW!

  6. And they have been holding this movie for release because…

  7. omg

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  9. Help me. Good God!!! ——-

  10. we con’t care if he is the good guy or the bad guy,we want the movie., actually in that time period he was not so bad and not as bad as the other men in the movie. we just love Rob.

  11. My feeling is that they think it will dissrupt the natural progression of Edwards “honeymoon”.
    Rob is a man, plain to see and BelAmi is going to blow any thoughts otherwise right out of the water.

    It’s a waiting game now ladies*

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  13. I can’t print what I want to say cause I’m sure it would be considered immoral in most countries. IMMORALITY!! yes,…YES…. Y..E.. S!!!!!!
    um…I best stop now.

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