Robert Pattinson Has Potential To Be ‘Profound Actor,’ Says ‘Cosmopolis’ Director David Cronenberg   5 comments


Hollywood Life Exclusive:

“If you were ready to hand Robert Pattinson an Oscar for his work in the Twilight saga, just wait until you get a load of him in 2012′s Cosmopolis! chatted with director David Cronenberg, who said Rob won’t be able to reveal his full scope as an actor until he’s left Edward Cullen behind. “It sort of pleases me to work with actors, like Rob, who have that potential, but haven’t had the chance to realize that yet and show it,” he told us Oct. 19 at the LA premiere of A Dangerous Method.


“I know [Rob’s] big success is Twilight, but as you know Viggo Mortensen‘s big success was Lord of the Rings, but it didn’t show him at his most profound as an actor,” David continued.

He also compared Rob to Keira Knightley, who stars in A Dangerous Method:


“I feel that … Keira Knightley is really quite undervalued and underestimated as an actress,” he said. “I think in A Dangerous Mind she proves she is te superb level of actress she actually is. I’ve worked with some of the best, and she is up there; I feel the same way about Robert Pattinson.”

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5 responses to “Robert Pattinson Has Potential To Be ‘Profound Actor,’ Says ‘Cosmopolis’ Director David Cronenberg

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  1. I’m so happy to read that !

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  4. when you watch his early movies you can see the potential Mr. Pattinson has. Cosmopolis is on my list “to see”. I’m happy that this compilment came from no other than THE David Cronenberg. I like to see Bel Ami too

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