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New HQ Pictures and Video of Robert Pattinson from the Paris Fan Event   1 comment

Click for HQ

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*NEW* Bel Ami Still!!!!   7 comments

Here’s a new Bel Ami still featuring Robert Pattinson!

I made the original pic a little larger for you guys. 

From HopscotchFilms:

Hey guys, there’s been a lot of talk and online speculation about the release date of BEL AMI, which stars Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. We can confirm that we will be releasing BEL AMI in the first quarter of 2012, however the exact date has not been confirmed – yet. We will announce more details soon – you’ll be the first to know:)

From larry411

Bel Ami has at least 14 different distributors on my list. Hopscotch is for Australia & New Zealand. Not that 1st qtr 2012 won’t apply in US. Bel Ami distributors: Incognito for Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania; Independent for Netherlands; Kinowelt for Germany; Optimum for UK; Studio Canal for France; 01 for Italy; California for Brazil; Camilla Internusa for Indonesia; CatchPlay for Taiwan; Central Partnership for Russia; Front Row for UAE & Middle East; Hollywood for Greece; Hopscotch for Aus & NZ; UniKorea for Korea.
But I think it’s safe to assume if OZ/NZ distrib says 1st qtr ’12 that means it will premiere somewhere before the end of March. 😉


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*NEW* Breaking Dawn Footage From Entertainment Tonight!   4 comments

Here’s new Breaking Dawn Footage from Entertainment Tonight! 

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Robert Pattinson’s Interview With Fancy Magazine (Netherlands)   2 comments

Bye bye Twilight
Exclusive interview
Sad news for all Twi-Hards. With Breaking Dawn coming closer, the Twilight Saga is really approaching the final end. One relief: Fancy got the chance to fly to LA for an parting interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. ‘When we were filming the final scenes, we all started crying’.

Robert Pattinson
Because of my fame, I think like a spy now’.

We heard that during a steamy sex scene, you destroyed a bed!
‘You are very aware, hahaha! When Kristen and I had to play the honeymoon, I totally immersed in the scene. But I need to make it clear: the bed isn’t destroyed. Because of the love bites with my vampire teeth, only some pillow covers and sheets from expensive, Egyptian linen are mutilated. But still dreadful.’

Have you taken a reminder from the set?
‘Hmm, let’s think… During shooting I stole the bathrobe from my hotel room for the first time, haha! But from the Breaking Dawn-set I haven’t taken anything away. While shooting Eclipse I did. I shipped some BMX-bikes from the film to my home in LA. But when the film crew discovered that, I had to give them back.’

Because of Twilight you have become a celebrity. Does that only have benefits or are there also some downsides?
‘Being famous is very cool! I travel a lot, I meet very nice people… But it also has some downsides. I’m searching for a home in London at the moment. While viewing the house, lots of strange thoughts popped up in my mind. Can paparazzi park their cars in front of this house? Are strange fans able to camp on my pavement? I think like a spy or a secret agent and that’s pretty weird.’

What are you planning to do after Twilight?
‘After Breaking Dawn you will be able to see me in the movie Bel Ami and in the drama Cosmopolis. But what I’m really excited about is to start making music again. I play the guitar and the piano and between shooting the scenes I wrote lots of songs. So I can’t wait to perform again. The energy you feel when you show up in a full house: super!’

To read Kristen & Taylor’s interviews click here.

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Robert Pattinson Donates a Private Screening of Breaking Dawn to Help PAGE   3 comments

Robert Pattinson has given young girls—and everyone else, for that matter—another reason to love him even more.

Here’s how it came about: About a year ago, Pattinson donated a meet and greet with fans on the set of Breaking Dawn for a charity auction.

Not only did a Chicago family win the coveted prize with a bid of $80,000, but…

The money raised by Pattz for the Go Campaign is being used 100 percent to build a permanent home for PAGE (Program Advancing Girls Education), an organization helping to educate teen girls in Cambodia.

PAGE currently houses 12 girls in a rented facility. Sadly, they’ve had to move several times over the last three years because of health and safety concerns.

The new home will accommodate 20 girls. Run by Cambodian monks in Siem Reap, Cambodia, PAGE has also bought a piece of land large enough for its own vegetable garden to help feed the students.

And now we’re happy to report that Pattinson is helping the Go Campaign again! He’s donated a private screening of Breaking Dawn for 20 people that will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 17, the night before the movie opens in theaters.

Guests will also take home a Twilight gift bag that includes signed posters, DVDs and a replica of Bella’s wedding ring, among many other goodies.

Like last year, Pattinson’s package is part of the auction that coincides with the Go Campaign’s Go Go Gala. Hosted by Ewan McGregor, the fourth annual event takes place Nov. 10 at the London Hotel in Los Angeles.

The set visit was the highest bid ever for a Go Campaign auction. Will R.Pattz shatter his own record this time around?

We have a feeling he will.

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Bill Condon Talks About Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Breaking Dawn   1 comment

Here’s part of an interview done by TwiExaminer:

Bill Condon: [Filming in Brazil] was so fun.  That’s how we started the movie, too.  We spent our first couple weeks there, you know. And it was so great to actually feel, you know—it was actually our biggest experience of fans, kind of being on the set or tracking Rob and Kristen.  It actually calmed down after that, but you really felt the excitement when you were there, you know?

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More Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene in Paris   3 comments

Here are more fan pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene in Paris. 

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Rob to be on Jimmy Kimmel Nov 2   2 comments

Tickets sold out

Thanks kstewartnews | RPLife

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Interview Videos, Transcript & 200+ Screencaps of Robert Pattinson on TF1 (France)   6 comments

Videos and screen caps of Robert Pattinson appearing on TF1 in France (All videos are dubbed)

HD Interview 

You can also watch on TF1. Interview starts at 30.00


Translation, Videos & Pics after the jump

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Tv Spot of Robert Pattinson’s appareance on the 19:45 show tomorrow   Leave a comment

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