Bill Condon Talks About Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Breaking Dawn   1 comment

Here’s part of an interview done by TwiExaminer:

Bill Condon: [Filming in Brazil] was so fun.  That’s how we started the movie, too.  We spent our first couple weeks there, you know. And it was so great to actually feel, you know—it was actually our biggest experience of fans, kind of being on the set or tracking Rob and Kristen.  It actually calmed down after that, but you really felt the excitement when you were there, you know?

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Was the fan interaction—I mean that was the one scene where it seemed like there were a lot of people around during filming . . .Was that distracting or did it help elevate the mood?

Bill Condon: Uh, it was weird ‘cause that was again like our second night and it was—I didn’t know what to expect and actually, it turned out to be the most extreme of anything that happened through the whole movie. But when we’re on the streets of Lapa, suddenly, you know, we’re shooting something and this girl suddenly jumps into the shot and throws herself on Rob, goes “ha ha ha ha,” gets pulled off, and I think she was beheaded.  I never saw her again . . . Something happened to her.  But after that—but yeah, it was a little crazy there. Yeah, Definitely.


How familiar with the series were you before you decided to pop into the last installment?

Bill Condon: Right. Pretty familiar, I guess. But not you know—I wouldn’t say I was a student of it but I was aware of them all and had seen them all. But then obviously once I jumped in it was really about Twilight Lexicon and it was the books and re-reading and just making sure that we had everything right.  You know things like—you saw the—Rob’s thing about [referencing a clip showing a glimpse into Edward’s past where he is at a movie theatre stalking “human monsters”] “I haven’t told you everything about myself” and there was a moment when I moved away from Carlisle. That’s only one line I think in the first book, you know, and he’d mentioned it one offhanded comment in one of the movies.  But that was an example of something where the first time I met with Rob we had a long great night, many, many, many beers [laughter] and um, he said that one thing that had frustrated him a little is that—I guess that had been more developed in the first book, that was from Edward’s point of view, and it kind of informed the way he was playing the part throughout the whole movie.  This sense of self-loathing and guilt that came from having killed humans for that period and yet, it had never been explored in the movies.  So it felt like then I went back and looked at the section that described it in Twilight and I felt like, God, what better time right before a wedding to lay out the last objection, you know? And to have it also explain who he’s been, and then in the wedding you’ll see he has a toast where he said—he talks about the fact “to find that one person who can look at you, know everything there is to know about you and still accept you for who you are. I’m ready to move on.” So that being caught in this perpetual 17, and this perpetual kind of—I think you’ll see starting from the moment he gets married he moves on. The performance changes . . . It’s about him becoming a man. So I think that will be an interesting shift for people, you know? So that—the whole idea of just sort of, between discussions with him, going back finding a line in the first book and then deciding to dramatize that with an episode of him being someone who was on the hunt for human blood felt like something we hadn’t seen before.

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  1. Oh wow, we will have a glimpse of Edward past, that’s awsome !

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