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Video of Robert Pattinson appearing on M6 (France)

Full Interview

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Transcript / Translation

Speaker : Reactions in Paris are like everywhere in the world, from Los Angeles to London and via New-York.
At 25, Robert Pattinson, the Twilight saga’s actor is loved and made all the girls under his vampire power
Girls : he’s beautiful and he’s a good actor + I fancy him + I love his smile and his britishness
Speaker : The guy is acting cool with fans, signing autographs, taking pictures (on his own lol)
Fan : he took the time to sign and take pictures with everyone. I had my picture and we’re super happy
Speaker : happy and not jealous (talking about fans) Rob’s heart isn’t available anymore. Robert Pattinson would be in love, in real life like on screen, with Kristen Stewart.
Fan1 : we’re happy if he’s happy.
Fan2 : even if he were gay I would have loved him (lol)
Speaker : and girls would still love him when they’d see the next movie in which Romance and fantasy are here again. Fans are gonna love it.

Journalist: Before talking about the movie, just a word… is it always like this ?!?

Rob: Is it always like this? Not always. but for the special events, yes. Every time I go out for a public appearances, I have the most ridiculous facial expressions. I’ve seen this [clip] many times, and I look like I have a problem.

Journalist: is it everywhere like this ? in every country of the world when u are doing promotion ??

Rob: kind of it. it’s surprising. it’s the 4th movie. but nothings has changed, it’s still the same, everyone is still screaming.

journalist: every move you make is talked about on twitter, even the more private ones, your life is like a reality show on the web. do you agree with that ?

Rob : yes it wasn’t what I expected. It’s an unintentional reaction but yeah. I’ve become better at hiding. At the beginning I was overwhelmed by everything. I think I was trying to hard too deal with all this. I don’t live in a town, I live in the suburbs, and it’s easier.

Journalist : like vampires, you live hidden?
Rob : *laughs* Not exactly. I live in California. there’s not too many shadows around.

Journalist : Back to the movie. You’ve been playing Edward’s role since 3 years in the Twilight saga. Edward’s a nice vampire. he doesn’t kill humans, and he falls in love with Bella, an normal girl played by Kristen Stewart. and since the beginning, these two characters are running after each other. and now, at last, they get married, make love, make a baby… so Edward’s slow at doing things but when he does them he goes all out.
Rob : yes he’s very slow moving. Its funny, for a series which is all about his fear of having sex, he’s so afraid, & when it happens, it has scary consequences, it creates the demon baby, it’s kind of hilarious. especially since it doesn’t stop kids from not waiting to have sex ata ll.

Journalist : Does the wedding scene make u want to get married ?
Rob : I don’t know. I guess so. I’ve always liked weddings. I haven’t been to a lot of weddings but my friends are started to get married, the ones who are older, like in their 30’s. it’s kind of scary but at the same time it’s kind of great and you can always get divorced if it’s not working.

Journalist : And do you want kids ? ‘cos you cant get divorced from kids..
Rob : Not it’s true, you cant divorce kids. But you can have a lot of them so you can at least get a good one. *laughs*

Journalist : Do u want kids then ?
Rob : Oh yeah, no definitely.

Journalist : Because there’s an incredible scene in the movie. you’re doing a Caesarian with your teeth. If I’m not mistaken?
Rob : oh yeah, caesarian by mouth *laughs*. I mean that was one of the most funniest things I have ever had to do for a movie. it’s a really important scene, a serious one and me and kristen were crying with laughter. but at the same time it’s quite scary.

Journalist : what’s strange, even he gets married, Edward always seems lonely and misunderstood. is it what makes him a little like u ?
Rob : I guess he must look a little like me *laughs*.  I look like a husband who s been married 40 years ago.

Journalist : what about you is ‘vampire like’ in your real life?
Rob : nothing really. I mean I guess… Im not really playing a vampire. I felt like I was playing a teenager with problems. so I have nothing like vampire in my life.

Journalist : so the cinema ‘vampires’ you?
Rob : yeah.. I hope so. it’s a very complicated industry and however long.. I love it when I’m still getting jobs. It’s a bit unexpected… after Twilight is not done.

Journalist : after 4 years, it’s over. and for you, you have to stop being 17 years old. are you afraid ?
Rob : I think it’s more scary when you have to be 17 when you are already 25 or 26. Youll see yourself in the movies, and see us with wrinkles and you think to yourself “why am I still 17?” Playing 17 when you’re already 21 ok.. but now I’m coming to the age when I can’t play it anymore. it’s definitely the end of my youth.

Journalist : it’s the end of your adolescence, so does the movie make you become an adult ?
Rob : yes…definitely… in a strange way but I’d love to have been able to experience more things without being observed during my youth but at the same time I did things no one does in his youth time. my life has been more than special so far.

journalist : last question. is it true u love Michel Houellebecq ?
Rob : oh definitely. I was supposed to meet him last time I was in Paris but I didn’t make it. I didn’t meet it. but yes definitely he’s one of my favorite author

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  4. Oh Good LORD someone do a translation! I cant understand anything the boy is saying LOL. I might be the only one, but the French is talking over him and cant understand anything he is actually saying!

  5. As long as he’s in Europe doing these TV talk show interviews, it’s going to be hard for us in the USA to actually hear his voice because there will always be voice-overs in the native tongue of whichever country he is in. Thank God for those who are nice enough to translate for us! At least we’ll be able to hear him when he does promo in the UK and Australia and of course in the USA.

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