Fan Report and Pics from the Breaking Dawn Stockholm Fan Event   1 comment

Here are some pics and a fan report from the BD Stockholm event. Thanks to TwistedIn_ and PattinsonUK for sharing these with us!

I’ll start with, how did you like the Twilight Stockholm Fan Event?

I am, to be honest, somewhat embarrassed to be a Swede, I want to sincerely apologize for putting the rest of the world through what majority of the Swedish population seems to consider music. I think the best we got to hear was the unscheduled acoustic cover rendition of Alone (sung by Heart) by our host Knappen. That means button by the way.

The newspapers and even the biggest Swedish Twilight site had made a point of asking the audience to not yell during the Q&A but the 14 year olds didn’t seem to get that memo. We, the group that went, had a fun time of being less adult than we are and making fun of them though.

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When we took our seats, the first thing we noticed was the very big black chess piece straight in our line of vision. It was right in front of Rob and Ashley’s chairs. Being the way I am, I found security and asked why, and if it could be moved. The answer was, “Do we move it so someone else won’t see?” My response to that was, “Then get it off the stage.” His response was, “The production company decide that this is how it’s supposed to be.”

We sat tight for a while, until the “music” had started, when we noticed most people had started to sit and there was less running in the stairs, the sneaky that I am went outside to see if the seats not taken a few rows to the side would be occupied, answer, NO! So we moved, and got a straight front view of the stage. We were by no means close, but there were no chess pieces in the way.

I took some video and pics with my camera, even the zoom on my sisters that I borrowed was not enough to get any good pics of them, but I looked through them last night, (and as soon as my internet provider gets it together I’ll post it to my tumblr), they don’t suck, but they are by no means any close ups. I got a few jumbotron Rob.

With all the yelling, the music, what it comes down to, I HAVE BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS ROB!

I don’t feel like I need to make a play by play seeing as the live stream was, and is most likely all over the internet now.

I have a hard time explaining emotion, but this was a pretty big thing for me, I have had a lot of celebrity crushes through the years, but I have never had this overwhelmed feeling that I have, especially about Rob. If I ever got to meet him, I would most likely cry. Yes this 26 year old woman would cry meeting an actor. There are reasons I will not go into in a setting like this, that might make you not judge me for that. LOL.

But for them to take the time and be laughing and smiling being put through something like this makes me feel ok to have been there, and very damn proud to be a fan!

To end my none consistent ramblings, I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU, to Rob and Ashley for laughing with me about the absurdity of the situation. And an even bigger thank you for taking the time to come, to do the things they do.

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