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Here are some scans of Rob and Breaking Dawn in Italian Ciak magazine

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Q: What can we expect from the two final chapters, compared to other episodes of Twilight?
A: The new director, Bill Condon, has found a vein of humor in the story, and was not afraid to show the most silly part of it. The first part of this movie has a completely new light, and mixes even more movie genres.

Q: Edward has changed?
A: For the first time he loses control, which has always been the key to the character. At first it was unsettling for me.

Q: What was it like to turn the last day of filming?
A: The last two weeks were terrible on the set. We shot in Canada, with a frigid cold . For all the five films we have almost always shot  in places horribly cold. Then, for the last scene, we flew with a small group of technicians in the Caribbean, to shoot the love scene between Edward and Bella. Sometimes, small things, such as heat, assume a value indescribable. Working for Twilight was like living in a capsule: work 6 days a week, and closed on Sunday at the hotel to sleep, without seeing what was around us. The very last day, at last, we were in the Caribbean, we shot at sea, a warm sea, and we make out on the beach all day. Not bad as a final gift is not it? (laughs)

Q: There are high expectations of fans on sex scenes in this movie
A: The funny thing is that fans talk about sex scenes in books, but in the books there is not even one, it’s all very chaste. It only says that after Edward and Bella make love on the bed there are feathers, and this detail has assumed mythic proportions in the minds of readers. All the alleged eroticism of the story comes from this image. Evidently Twililght has the power to unleash the imagination.

Q: But you chose to fade to black as in the books .
A: Impossible, people would be freaking out. This scene became an obsession for the fans. But ultimately, it’s just sex. The way I see it, watch two people having sex can never be amazing . We hope that this scene is a little funny, otherwise it would be a disaster (laughs).

Q: There are other moments of suspense for the fans. One of these is the birth of Renesmee ..
A: Well, that’s much more daring of the sex scene, because it’s a difficult birth and described in detail. We used a newborn true, two weeks aged covered with red jelly and cream cheese, to emulate the blood and the placenta and all those things I can not remember the name. Put it this way, that child will not want to ever grow up to be an actress.

Q: And then there’s the marriage. Kristen and you will have enjoyed to play that scene?
A_ Well, the scene is almost entirely on the shoulders of Kristen. The preparation of the ceremony is fun, and centered on Bella’s character. I appear for a few seconds to pronounce my “I do”. On the other hand in marriage the bride is always at the center of attention, right?

Q: You’ve thought a lot about marriage?
A: I know the cliché, but I do not know much. In my life I just went to a couple of weddings. I saw many funerals, I think the proportion is twenty funerals- two weddings. I have to be a little unlucky.

Q: When I met you for Water for Elephants you had just finished Breaking Dawn and told me to feel a brunch of emotions like at the end of the school. Now how do you feel?
A: I do not know, over the past three years I lived in a cyclone as if I had not done anything else. I shot other films but all I’ m asked only about Twilight. I know I can really think about the future only in a year, when I will do my last part of the promotional duties. For now I can not think how it will be after the end of twilight

Q: You’re not glad it’s over for the media hype around you?
A: these days is not bad to have some of that advertising, for how things works in the industry .I don’t know how I will be perceived by people in a couple of years. Up to now I have been told about the same things, and I have only been seen as a function of Twilight. I can not make predictions.

Q: So the celebrity does not have side effects?
A: There are unpleasant things, but the only thing they are really bad people who must at all costs to denigrate, to the point of hating ..

Q: You have actually experienced the hatred of someone about yourself?

A: I think that it happens to all those who reach a certain level of success. The criticisms of me are good, but I’ m protective and and I react against only when it is done or said anything against my family and people I love. But the nice thing is that Twilight fans are  protective against us. They are, literally, our team

Q: so it’s like in sports? fans and rivals?
A: Just like in sports. There’s your team, and those who hate you.

Q: The actors are afraid of typecasting,be linked to a character forever.
A: I do not think I have that problem, I should have taken more risks if I had success with action films. It would have been trapped in. How many love stories with good vampires can ask me to play ? Not many (laughs).

Q: What will be the legacy of the Twilight saga?
A: I think we leave behind something positive. Thanks to Twilight to a lot of guys read more. Clearly Harry Potter there has paved the way for us. And now the film industry knows that women are audience that deserves to have tailor-made films. But really I do not understand how someone can hate Twilight

Q: Some time ago you said you did not understand the success of the vampires in film and television. Have you changed your mind?
A: Look, I still can not think of a vampire attractive. the pallor, the fangs … Imagine you meet on the street looking this way. My God…. so ugly!

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