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US: Win a Pair of Tickets to the LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn

Yahoo is running a competition to win a pair of tickets to the LA Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere, a Volvo plus other prizes.

The sweepstakes for the premiere tickets closes at 11:59pm on Nov 6 & the drawing for the Volvo S60 closes at 11:59pm on Nov 18.

To enter head over to their Facebook Page HERE

Twilight Lexicon | Yahoo | Official Rules PDF (over 18s)

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Scans: Robert Pattinson in People Magazine’s Breaking Dawn Special

Scans from People Magazines ‘The Stars of Twilights Breaking Dawn’. You can see the rest of the People scans and more of the write up here


More scans and write up after the jump

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Advanced Screenings of Breaking Dawn Part 1 Available

Advanced screenings of Breaking Dawn Part 1 are available in the US on the November 15th, 16th and 17th. Check them out HERE to see if there is a screening near you.


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Sarah Clarke (Bellas Mom) Mentions Robert Pattinson in an Interview

Did You Get to do scenes with more of the cast this time around?
I did. I got to meet all the characters, finally. It’s so funny because I knew Peter Facinelli from a previous project and I saw him during the first movie because I was rehearsing when they were rehearsing, but then I never got to see anybody again except Billy {laughs}. Billy Burke, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart were sort of like my understanding of the movie. I still have yet to meet Taylor Lautner. I haven’t come across him, even though I met all the other werewolves. Isn’t that funny? But that’s how big this cast is. I got to know some of the vampires really well – some that I don’t have scenes with. It’s funny the people I did become close with while shooting that I never even got to work with.
What has been the best part of being part of the Twilight phenomenon?
It is a phenomenon and I would have to say just getting to work with these people. I enjoy Kristen and I was really happy I got to play her mom. I feel such an affinity for her and I really like her a lot, and Rob as well. Working with all the directors. Just to watch something on this scale unfold and to watch the progression of it from the first movie (which you would have thought was was an independent film the way we were shooting it), to the way it was by the end. It really did have a grand scale to it, and that doesn’t come around very often.
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NEW Breaking Dawn TV Spot ‘Heartbeat’ with new scenes

Here’s a new Breaking Dawn TV spot

since the video starts automatically we put it after the jump for those who don’t want spoilers

See the video after the jump!

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MTV: Bill Condon Talks About The Best Breaking Dawn Prank Ever

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“We kind of pulled a prank on the director,” Ashley explained. “The whole entire extended cast—like, every vampire coven—decided to plan out this dance, and do it instead of doing the scene. Bill [Condon, the director] started hysterically laughing.”

So, of course, when I hopped on the phone with Bill last week to chat all things “Breaking Dawn”, I just had to ask about getting punk’d by a bunch of bloodsuckers. And as it turns out, the moment was even more epic than we imagined.

“It was the most amazing thing ever,” he enthused. “If you know the book, it ends with this incredible showdown between like 27 vampires on our side and then there are 80 vampires on the Aro/Volturi side. And we’ve been on this set for weeks and weeks and weeks, and as we’re doing the last huge shot with everyone there, huge camera set up and things, suddenly you hear “Sweet Dreams” from the Eurythmics and the Cullen side starts to do this ‘West Side Story’-like rumble.”

OME, right?!

But as amazing as the moment itself was, what seemed to impress Bill most was how the whole thing was kept completely under wraps. “First of all, the idea that they could keep this a surprise still blows me away,” he said. “But it’s one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had on a set.”

There you have it: one of the “greatest moments” on set…ever. Are you listening, Summit? This blooper better be on the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” DVD, or else a bunch of riled up MTV staffers will be paying you a visit…


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More HQ/MQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene from Brussel

Here are even more pics of Rob and Ashley from Brussel

See more after the jump!

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