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New Interview from Berlin Premiere   1 comment

New interview with Robert Pattinson from the Breaking Dawn premiere in Berlin

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*NEW* Short Red Carpet Interview   1 comment

Another short red carpet interview with Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson Pic Edits   4 comments

Some Rob edits made by Slowie

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David Cronenberg talks about Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson in an interview with Living Cinema   2 comments

Here’s an interview with David Cronenberg where he talks about Rob and Cosmopolis

JT: In addition to budgetary reasons, do you prefer shooting in one or two takes for creative reasons as well?

DC: I did the same with A Dangerous Method and the same with my latest movie Cosmopolis. One or two takes…if you’re working properly with your actor and your actor is properly prepared, you don’t need more than that. The idea of doing ninety-nine takes like David Fincher is supposed to have done…it’s a completely different way of filmmaking.

JTCosmopolis is slated for next year, which is a return to screenwriting for you and features a stellar cast. What can you tell us about it, in particular Robert Pattinson, who seems a unique choice for a Cronenberg leading man?

DC: I think he’s kind of parallel to [Knightley] really. I think he’s a very underrated actor who’s really good. And so he proved to be. I think he’s fantastic in the movie… He’s really great. You can ask Paul Giamatti who’s said that publicly, because he does a big scene with himCosmopolis is based on a novel by Don DeLillo. It couldn’t be more different from A Dangerous Method, except that it to has a lot of dialogue. But it’s a very different kind of dialogue. You’ll have to wait and see.

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Rob’s Interview with Singapore’s Today   2 comments

I don’t get the allure of Robert Pattinson.

You heard me. And in possible danger of being mauled by almost every member of the female species, I admit that I’ve never understood the mass hysteria surrounding good ol’ R-Putz, I mean, R-Pattz.

Sure, that Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies might have something to do with it.

Truth be told, when the British actor was cast as Cullen, the 17 million-or-so fans of the Twilight books duly erupted with the kind of hatred usually reserved for animal abusers or hipsters. They all thought Pattinson was way too ugly to be Mr Perfectly Undead. Cullen, by the way, is described as “the most beautiful creature who has ever been born” by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.

The laugh’s on them, of course. Pattinson, 25, is the king of that ridiculously popular and successful film franchise – the first three films have already grossed over US$1.8 billion (S$2.34 billion) worldwide.

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson interview with Sensacine – Spain (subtitled)   2 comments

Its the same as AlloCiné we posted here

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New Breaking Dawn Stills Featured in People Magazine   2 comments

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Video: Sky Movies Interviews Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner   1 comment

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*VIDEO* David Cronenberg talks casting Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis with MTV News   2 comments

David Cronenberg talks casting Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

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New Robert Pattinson’s Interview with Empire Online   1 comment

Robert Pattinson’s interview with Empire Online

His name is now synonymous with screaming fans, tousled hair and possibly sparkly skin, such that Robert Pattinson may find it difficult to escape the shadow of vampire Edward. But as we found out recently, he’s largely at peace with the role these days and only slightly bemused at what the fans see in Edward. Here he is on becoming a vampire dad, behaving like a secret agent and going on guilt trips. Mild spoilers for those who haven’t read the book…

Are you happy to say goodbye to Twilight? And what has its impact been on our culture?
I guess I’m happy to move on, but it was nice to have good closure. I found Edward quite a restrictive character but in Breaking Dawn he kind of loosens up about everything. I mean, it’s almost impossible not to when you’re delivering babies and, you know, Bella is dying and all this stuff is happening. You can’t play it the same, and that was nice. It was nice to have arguments and things as Edward, which seemed very unusual. But um, what’s its contribution to the culture? Well one of the main things, which obviously the books did but the movies helped, was just getting young people reading again. Harry Potter started this thing, but anything which gets kids reading, it helps. As soon as you start reading one series then you start reading a bunch of other stuff. Just in terms of the film industry as well, I think Twilight showed that you can have a female audience for something and it does well.

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