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New Robert Pattinson Interview with ReelzChannel   1 comment

Here’s a new Rob interview with ReelzChannel

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with M Magazine – Austria   2 comments

Robert Pattinson: Sex for the first time

M: After hearing from Kristen how she felt about the end of the Saga, the unavoidable question also for you: How did you feel on the last day of shooting?
Robert: To be honest, that day was miserable. We’d been shooting for two weeks, in Canada, in the cold. Then again, the last day in St. Thomas in the Carribean was an absolute dream. That was the only time we were shooting in bright sunset. That was really our really last day of shooting. We shot on the beach and went into the ocean – yeah, that was amazing… [lacht]

M: And how was the mood?
Robert: In Canada we were 120 actors on set, on the last day of shooting. In the Carribean it was just Kristen and I. We finally did all the stuff we couldn’t do during shooting. Sitting by the sea while the sun sets – it was just beautiful, to end it like that.

M: Kristen claims that she isn’t sad that Twilight is over. Do you share her opinion?
Robert: I don’t know. Because we’re constantly promoting the movie and talking about Twilight, everything is still really present for me. Please ask me after the second part has been released, because that’s when Twilight really is over.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Interview with Courier Mail – Australia   2 comments

From Courier Mail:

That’s the way fans are used to seeing The Twilight Saga couple Bella Swan and Edward Cullen dance around each other, as depicted in three movies based on the phenomenally successful books by Stephenie Meyer.

Sure, there’s flashes of heartbreak, of longing looks, of petting verging on the heavy, but those scenes are saturated in the same youthful innocence, of teen angst mingling with a certain kind of romance that never strays too far from being, well, above the covers. No swearing and certainly no sex. Ever.

But things are hotting up in the perpetually gloomy outpost of Forks, USA.

The Twilight Saga’s fourth film instalment – Breaking Dawn Part I – has these star-crossed lovers married, copulating, having a genetically questionable baby, and, once again, fighting the forces of darkness to save the future of mankind. And vampirekind, and werewolfkind.

The honeymoon sex scene in this, the first of two films charting the final book of the series, was reportedly so steamy, the actors were recalled to set to reshoot them. The original version was too explicit to pass the censors.

Reports of excessive “thrusting” by Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, were bandied about as attracting frowns from US standard-bearers.

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s interview with Coming Soon – Italy   1 comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in ‘Paris Match’ Magazine – France   3 comments

Here are few scans of Rob in French magazine ‘Paris Match’

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview on 50 Minutes Inside – France   1 comment

They get married and then finally they do … well you know what. I mean we’ve been waiting 3 movies for this, I mean you took your time, Rob.
Rob: I was like why didn’t they just watched a porno. But really it was an important scene for us because it’s not detailled in the book.

It’s pretty violent, isn’t it?
Rob: Well it’s sort of passionate, like intense love making.

Are you that brutal in your sex life?
Rob: Absolutely,I’ve smashed many walls.

Your hotel room is going to be a disaster tomorrow?
Rob: It’s everywhere, even when I’m by myself.

Vampires are in right now. Remember how I dressed up with Nikkos at the Dracula Premiere. So I tried to be one of you.
Rob: It’s good.

It’s good, it’s not too old fashioned?
Rob: No, no, it looks very realistic. You look a little bit too brown, tho like a vampire from Nice.

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Bill Condon Interview with Moviefone   3 comments

Here’s a new Moviefone interview with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon

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