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Robert Pattinson’s interview with 50 Minute Inside – Cosmopolis Paris Screening   1 comment

starts at 32:30  – Rob’s interview at 33:11

Rob: (about his fans) They’re great, I mean people are always so enthusiastic, it’s been 5 years.

50MI: Here people say Robert with an accent, do you find that sexy to be called Robert?
Rob: Yeah, definitely.

50MI: Thank you, Robert!

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview on 50 Minutes Inside – France   1 comment

They get married and then finally they do … well you know what. I mean we’ve been waiting 3 movies for this, I mean you took your time, Rob.
Rob: I was like why didn’t they just watched a porno. But really it was an important scene for us because it’s not detailled in the book.

It’s pretty violent, isn’t it?
Rob: Well it’s sort of passionate, like intense love making.

Are you that brutal in your sex life?
Rob: Absolutely,I’ve smashed many walls.

Your hotel room is going to be a disaster tomorrow?
Rob: It’s everywhere, even when I’m by myself.

Vampires are in right now. Remember how I dressed up with Nikkos at the Dracula Premiere. So I tried to be one of you.
Rob: It’s good.

It’s good, it’s not too old fashioned?
Rob: No, no, it looks very realistic. You look a little bit too brown, tho like a vampire from Nice.

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Robert Pattinson to appear on 50 minutes inside?   1 comment

Today the site LeRPattzClub tweeted there was going to be an interview with Rob by Nikos Aliagas, Host of 50 minutes inside. The show will air on saturday April 30 on TF1.