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UK The Guardian Members: Preview Screening of LIFE in London on September 13   Leave a comment

The Guardian helds a preview screening of LIFE with Anton Corbijn on September 13

RPLIFE (3) (1)

From The Guardian:

oin celebrated photographer and director Anton Corbijn for an exclusive screening of his new film, Life.

Life tells the story of the relationship between James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock, starring Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson.

The screening will be followed by an on-stage interview with Anton Corbijn and guests including award-winning Guardian photographer Eamonn Mccabe, to discuss the golden era of photojournalism in ’50s America and the enduring appeal of actor James Dean. Chaired by Francine Stock.

Running time 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Wheelchair users and visitors who require an assistant may bring a companion free of charge. To book a free companion ticket please email

Get your tickets here

*VIDEO* David Cronenberg talks Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis at ‘Museum of the Moving Art Q & A’   Leave a comment

David Cronenberg talks Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis at the Museum of the Moving Art

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More New Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Paris Screening   1 comment

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s interview with En Mode Gossip from the Cosmopolis screening in Paris   1 comment

Youtube Or watch at the source – starts at 40:49

Rob is here and we have a very specific question to ask him.
Are you and kristen Stewart dating? Is it official?
Rob: I only answer questions about movies ’cause I’m not an idiot.

The vampire is stubborn, or should I say the businessman with sharp teeth since it’s the role he plays in Cronenberg’s new movie. A role that’s compleltely different from the one in Twilight.
Rob: It’s a different audience, a different everything. But, I mean, I like to try to, in every movie between Twilight to try to change everything I can and this one seems to be connected in some way. Cool. Thanks a lot.


New full Q&A video from inside the Cosmopolis screening in Paris   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson’s interview with 50 Minute Inside – Cosmopolis Paris Screening   1 comment

starts at 32:30  – Rob’s interview at 33:11

Rob: (about his fans) They’re great, I mean people are always so enthusiastic, it’s been 5 years.

50MI: Here people say Robert with an accent, do you find that sexy to be called Robert?
Rob: Yeah, definitely.

50MI: Thank you, Robert!

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New Red Carpet Interview with Robert Pattinson from Cosmopolis Screening in paris   2 comments


So Rob where do you feel the best, in Cannes or in Paris?
Rob: I mean I’ve never been to cannes outside the Festival so I’m not sure how I would be.

The movie might be a tad complicated for the fans.
Rob: yeah, I mean, I think it’s funny when people scream before the screening and it’s such a strange movie. But I know that out of every audience, I hope that one or two people will really connect to it.

What are you plans for this summer? Ibiza, St Bart or le lavandoou
Rob: No, I haven’t worked in ages. I need to start working soon. I really wanna start working.

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More New Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg from the Paris Cosmopolis Screening   2 comments

Here are some more fan pics of Rob and David from the Paris Cosmopolis Premiere

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*Videos* Of Robert Pattinson at the Cosmopolis Screening in Paris   2 comments

Here are videos of Robert Pattinson at the Cosmopolis screening in Paris. 


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Old Cosmopolis Still Slightly Bigger + Details on a 2nd Cosmopolis Screening in Portugal   2 comments

There will be a second ‘Cosmopolis’ screening in Portugal on May 29th at 10PM at Cinema Medeia Monumental. Rob and Cronenberg will attend.

Details on the other screening here.

Register here for a chance to win 1 ticket to the screening. Medeia Filmes will give 50 free tickets.

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