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New Fan Pics and Video of Robert Pattinson arriving at David Letterman   2 comments

Here are some more fan pics and a video of Rob arriving and signing for fans at David Letterman. Thanks to IceAngel34 for sharing these with us!

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Robert Pattinsons Interview with Cine Premiere   Leave a comment

New Rob interview in Cine magazine Breaking Dawn special. (Mexico)

Looking pale but awake, Rob apologizes, “I drank so much coffee this morning I might have vomited”. He’s sporting a new haircut, “It’s for my next movie. I had to cut it randomly. I thought about shaving it off, but I thought of only cutting one part, and I liked it so much in the end, that I kept it.” Always with a big smile on his face, and laughing through most of the interview, the superstar shares his thoughts on the finale of the saga that catapulted him to fame.

Analyzing Edward, do you think he’s a week guy? Is he too passive at times, eventhough inside he feels this great passion and love? He’s very romantic too, how do you see him?

I think he’s helpless. I’ve always thought – and if you pay close attention to the character you can see it too – that he’s a guy that has been so lonely for so long that he goes crazy, and that’s why he is the way that he is. That’s all I can think of, whenever I think about him in the first three movies, and how he finds himself more in each movie. It was interesting reading the fourth book, because I didn’t agree with most of his actions. I didn’t like the way he behaved. In the previous books you could understand the reasons behind his actions, and even sympathize with him, but I was not getting him at all in this movie “Why are you doing this?! You’re a whimp!” I really didn’t understand him, and it was fun trying to legitimize those weird actions, and it was an interesting way to close the saga for me. I guess he becomes more of a hero in Part 2 for the first time, though it’s Bella who saves him all the time, for once. But it’s interesting how he’s more impulsive and selfish in Part 1, which makes him go crazy. And in the first movie he’s always orchestrating everything.

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More HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson Outside The Late Show with David Letterman   1 comment

Here are some more new HQ pics of Rob

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*AUDIO* Fox All Access Interviews Robert Pattinson   4 comments

From Fox All Access:

Before hitting it big in the Twilight films, Robert Pattinson was a young actor finding small parts in films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and other smaller films. But it was the role of Edward Cullen that made Pattinson a worldwide star. Now that he is done filming all of the Twilight movies, Pattinson is thankful for the doors that the franchise has opened for him, but at the same time it has been tough for him to deal with all that stardom also brings.  (Click on the audio player to hear Robert Pattinson)


*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s Interview with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz   2 comments

Rob’s ‘After Hours’ one on one interview with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz. ETA: Transcript added

All videos in one viewable everywhere. watch now before it gets taken down:


1. Where Would Robert Pattinson Be Without ‘Twilight’?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Josh: Mr. Pattinson, how are you?

Rob: I’m good yeah, how are you?

Josh: Good, I’m good. Ok we’re not finished, there’s still a ways to go, but we came back a little bit. Where the hell would you be without Twilight?

Rob: Would I be dead? *laughs*

Josh: *laughs* No, would it be that bad?

Rob: Um, I don’t know. I have no idea.

Josh: Do you think you would’ve stuck with acting? It’s kind of well known you were kind of on the fence at a certain point about whether to keep going with this thing or not.

Rob: I don’t know. I always, I think a lot of actors think about that all the time because you just kind of have to  confront your insecurities quite a lot and I have plenty..*laughs* ..plenty of insecurities!

Josh: Even now, with the whole world loving you?

Rob: Even more! Before you can kind of bullshit yourself all the time. Like if no one cares about you can be like, “I’m the greatest person in the world”, and just be completely delusional.

Josh: Are there moments though when you buy into it a little bit where you’re like “you know what I look good there” or “I’m pretty awesome”?

Rob: Like not for a while. Yeah, I almost get sick to side with myself. *laughs* Plus, I’m getting older as well.

Josh: Yeah, look at you..(jokingly)

Rob: I’m almost 50!! *laughs*

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Interview with Etalk – Part 2   2 comments

Here’s the second part of Rob and Kristen’s interview with Etalk

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Sky Cinema News interviews Robert Pattinson (Italy)   5 comments

Dubbed interview. Rob talks Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis at around 3.30.

Rough Translation

Robert Pattinson on Cosmopolis / David Cronenberg: “At first I was terrified, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It ‘really nice to work with Cronenberg, he is sure of himself, doesn’t put you under pressure. My character has extreme attitudes: like me. I’m either fine or I’m devastated! “

Robert on Breaking Dawn: “Breaking Dawn is my second favorite movie after Twilight, which is the most important, it changed my life! When Kristen came close to ‘altar terrified, I suddenly felt the weight of the situation, like a real marriage! ”

Robert-Pattinson.It youtube

More HQ Pics of Rob Outside of The Late Night With David Letterman Show   1 comment

HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson outside Late Night with David Letterman

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