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New Breaking Dawn Pic   1 comment

 Edward and Bella Pic from Breaking Dawn Promo


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Uma Thurman Talks ‘Bel Ami’ and Rob Pattinson in Harper’s Bazaar UK   Leave a comment

He may be the co-star in her latest movie but that didn’t stop Uma Thurman from being upfront about Robert Pattinson.

The 41-year-old actress was obviously expecting a question about the Twilight star when she appeared in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine – and she was certainly ready to answer it.

‘To answer the ubiquitous question about this movie, yes, Robert is good-looking in person, but he doesn’t have that diamond-sparkle skin like in those Dracula movies,’ she said.

The mother-of-two was of course referring to upcoming film Bel Ami in which she plays Pattinson’s secret love interest.

As she draped herself across a velvet sofa in an array of designer dresses, Thurman went on to say that she enjoyed the role very much.

‘It was a fun character, a nice, meaty, dramatic role, and who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a corset?’ she told the monthly publication.

But before she could change the subject, she had one more thing to say about Pattinson: ‘He’s a very disciplined, very serious, very ambitious, very organised actor.’

The full feature appears in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, on sale Thursday 5th January.

Read the full article and check Uma’s amazing pictures for Harper’s Bazaar UK at the source.

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‘Bel Ami’ Screenings Released in Belgium: Reaction Post   8 comments

Advanced screenings of Robert Pattinson’s ‘Bel Ami’ are being released in Belgium tonight and tomorrow. Here are some tweets/reactions/pics from people who were lucky enough to see it. We’ll post more as they come in. There may be spoilers so we’ve posted everything after the jump.

***Spoilers. Click here to read after the jump***

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Screencaps of the Bel Ami Trailer – HD & Untagged   Leave a comment

Since the Bel Ami trailer came out in HD a few days ago, here are some more screencaps, this time in HD & untagged. Possible spoilers. Click images until full size.

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New Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson from the Breaking Dawn Premiere in Barcelona   3 comments

Here are some more new pics of Rob from the BD Premiere in Barcelona

See more after the jump!

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New ‘Breaking Dawn’ BTS Images – The “Green Screen’ Effect – the before and after + Video   4 comments

You can read the interview with Jeff Campbell and his Spin VFX team (George Macri, Eric Doiron and Kirk Brillon), where they explain their work on Breaking Dawn and the green screen effect HERE

Here are the images from the article – the before and after. ETA: Added Video


See more pictures after the jump

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New Breaking Dawn Stills on the DVD/BluRays from Target and Walmart   10 comments

From Target

Target Exclusive, limited-edition DVD/Blu-ray with authentic prop
flowers from the movie set encased in a collectable keepsake. Release 2/11/12

From WalMart

Walmart The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Bella’s Wedding Dress Edition) (2-Disc) (With Fabric Poster) (EXCLUSIVE) (Anamorphic Widescreen)

You can get a $5.00 off certificate of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Blu-ray® or $3.00 off certificate the DVD: click here for more info

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Great Fanmade Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis video   1 comment

Here’s a great fanmade video by RPattzLove:

Flash Back post: Bel Ami wallpapers   1 comment

Because some of you are lucky enough to see Bel Ami in Belgium today and the rest of us have to wait: heres a repost of some Bel Ami wallpapers for your desktop or iPhone by @DreamySim1

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*VIDEO* BTS special announcement “Breaking Dawn” on E! Online   Leave a comment

My spanish is bad but I think this is an announcement of a BTS special:

*update* seems it’s not from Spain but most likely from Mexico

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