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New HQ Bel Ami Still + US Distributor News   4 comments

IMDb lists Columbia Pictures (owned by Sony Pictures) as Bel Ami’s US Distributor.

New HQ Still, slightly different to one we’ve seen before.

click image, then again for HQ

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Great New ‘Bel Ami’ Fanvideo   Leave a comment

Here’s a great Bel Ami fanvideo made by MSChristina70

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New/Old Fan Pics and Videos of Robert Pattinson outside Jimmy Kimmel   2 comments

Here are new fan pics and videos of Robert Pattinson outside Jimmy Kimmel

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Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day   5 comments

Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“There are many girls who openly hit on me. But they don’t understand that that is totally unsexy. I know for a guy it’s such a ridiculous statement, but before the “Twilight” movies, nobody wanted to know about me. Logically, you know that now you can’t take it quite seriously.”

Robert Pattinson (Welt Online Germany – 2011)

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Little Ashes Brazilian DVD Cover   4 comments

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Breaking Dawn UK DVD & Blu-Ray Cover   1 comment

Here are the covers for Breaking Dawn #1 Blu-Ray and DVD. You can find more info on pre-order by clicking HERE

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Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and Water for Elephants in DistriVideo Magazine – January 2012 – Brazil   1 comment

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Robert Pattinson Fanvideos   Leave a comment

Here are a few more great Robert Pattinson fanvideos:

Video from Robrobbedmyheart:

and Videos from pattzerella:


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