Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day   5 comments

Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“There are many girls who openly hit on me. But they don’t understand that that is totally unsexy. I know for a guy it’s such a ridiculous statement, but before the “Twilight” movies, nobody wanted to know about me. Logically, you know that now you can’t take it quite seriously.”

Robert Pattinson (Welt Online Germany – 2011)

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“The funny thing with these PR- trips is that everybody wants you to go out and do things. They always say ‘You can’t just sit in your hotel room all the time’. They don’t get that I cannot leave my room!”— Robert Pattinson (Aftonbladet – Sweden 2011

“You try to say hello to everyone and hopefully they’ll be satisfied with that”— Robert Pattinson (Berlin Breaking Dawn part 1 Press Junket)

“Only for practical reasons. To find out if I said something stupid in an interview. So I can limit the damage.”—Robert Pattinson (about googling himself – Welt Online Germany 2011)

“It’s like being compared to people who’ve been in massive movies who just sort of disappear afterwards, even though they probably had incredibly fulfilling and successful lives”—Robert Pattinson (about life after Twilight – The Guardian – UK)

“It was just one bed but it was a trick bed. It was unusual to do a sex scene when there’s a whole stunt set-up. There were three guys behind the bed who controlled the bed. I’m trying to do a sex scene and a guy is cueing me for when the bed breaks. I’m also looking at the big guy lying underneath, on the floor.”—Robert Pattinson (Phillipine Daily Enquierer)

“He came around and visited with each of us individually when the script wasn’t even finished, and he just wanted our notes for it. Which is nice, especially for a big studio movie. That normally doesn’t happen.”—Robert Pattinson (about Bill Condon – LA Daily News 2011)

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5 responses to “Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day

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  1. Thank you very much ToR girls 🙂 Have a good week !

  2. Robert Pattinson that is not true my name is Loredana I never seen you before, or heard from you before. When this movie Twilight came out that’s when i started falling for you, and now you are my dream come true. Robert if i met you before believe me i would be very interested. But i want you to know the truth Robert i really want to know everything about you cause i really like you.


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  4. Thank you for the great pictures and quotes.

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