Worldwide Giveaway: Win An Edward Cullen – Breaking Dawn: Part II Poster   107 comments


The Edward poster is the one above. It is HUGE (100 cm x 70 cm or 39.4 inches  x 28.5 inches )

Giveaway #2 

To help promote Douglas we’re holding a worldwide giveaway . We’re giving away an Edward Cullen – Breaking Dawn: Part II Poster. 

As most of you know by now we’ve been working closely with Douglas Hamilton for over 6 months now. Douglas is a great musician, song writer and on top of it all he loves playing with cute animals. We’re trying to get Douglas’ music out there, however being an artist is quite tough when you’re not well known, as I’m sure most of you know. So for the past months you’ve probably seen the post at the top of the page referring to Douglas, we’re trying to help him kick start his career. Please help us spread the word.  With our planning (and your help) he’s currently in the Florida Keys working with dolphins. Check out all the cute dolphin pics and lion cub videos on his site here. You can also find all his music here

What does he have to do with Rob you ask? Nothing at all, we’re trying to help someone out. We think he has a lot of talent, however like I mentioned earlier it’s hard to get noticed he just needs to be heard. We think with your help we can do this! 

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

The Contest is international! 

You have until Tuesday October 16th at 8:00pm EDT to enter. 

All comments will be numbered and the winners will be picked using

1) Follow him on Twitter here 

2) Like his Facebook fan page here 

3) Leave a comment below

More after the jump! 

Check out his website here

Please also give his new song a listen 🙂 

You can buy it on iTunes here

Posted October 9, 2012 by Sim in Robert Pattinson

107 responses to “Worldwide Giveaway: Win An Edward Cullen – Breaking Dawn: Part II Poster

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  1. 1) It’s great what you are doing, girls!
    Let’s see if this time i have more luck, haha. 🙂

  2. 3) Done ! 🙂

  3. 2) I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn part 2! Team Edward:) “forever”

  4. 4) Love giveways!! Good luck to Douglas Hamilton!

    Carolina Stewart Pattinson
  5. 5) I’ve heard of Douglas before, I love his voice! Oh,and thank you for doing this giveaway, you are so amazing and have such a big heart!

    Dana Alexandra Chis
  6. 6) Love that poster. AWESOME.

  7. 7) I’m from Chile and we don’t have those huge poster, so it would be awesome to have one. And about Douglas he’s really good 😀

  8. 8) i love that poster!! edward ❤

  9. 9) Think I’ll Put it on my Ceiling!lol

  10. 10) i want that so badly ❤ team edward<3 team sparkles

  11. 11) Crossing toes & fingers! Thanks again for the worldwide giveaway! Way to go Douglas, hope you touch more people with your music.

  12. 12) I want that poster! *finger crossed*

  13. 13) WOW! Edward in this poster is so magnetic…i want it !!!!

  14. 14) Done and I wish good luck to Douglas Hamilton, I want this poster because i’m a Twilight’s fan

  15. 15) Trying my luck again and wishing that this time I’ll get the poster as well 😀 Anything for Rob<3

  16. 16) team edward

  17. 17) cant wait for breaking dawn part 2!! gonna be amazing!! ❤

  18. 18) done 🙂

  19. 19) I would love to win this poster it looks amazing.

  20. 20) done

  21. 21) Oh, what a lovely poster, i’m in ! 🙂

  22. 22) thank for the last contest!!!
    Edward. ❤ ❤ hot vampire!!

  23. 23) Love what you’re doing to promote Douglas 🙂

  24. 24) I love that poster! Edwardddddd ❤ i cant wait for the movie!

  25. 25) Done,done, & done! You all are doing such great work and helping out a talented artist! Amazing!

  26. 26) I love Edward Forever!! It would mean the world to me to win! I love Douglas Hamilton as well as Twilight! Twilight Forever!

  27. 27) Yay! Hope there’s such thing as birthday luck. Lol. I’d really love to have this. 😃

  28. 28) Done!

  29. 29) I’m like the most random person and still random.ord hates me. Lets just hope now!

  30. 30) Can’t wait to see who’s winning!

  31. 31) Team Robward !!!

  32. 32) love this poster, fingers crossed!! xx

  33. 33) I realy want to win this poster.

    Luciana Michelutti
  34. 34) Looks great!

  35. 35) did did did!

    I wish at least i win this time. 😀

  36. 36) Would love to have this one. Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  37. 37) great song:) the give away is fun too!

  38. 38) Ooooh……I hope I’m the lucky gal that wins this! Oh please! Oh please! 😉

  39. 39) Really Wan to win this and also love douglas’ voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40) Done! Can’t Wait.

  41. 41) Great poster! Amazing singer! Defiantly gonna spread the word about Douglas!!

  42. 42) Now this is a face to go gaga over!!!

  43. 43) Two of my favourite things combinded, Twilight and Douglas Hamliton!! Both include beautiful and talented people, Thank you for doing this xx

  44. 44) YAAAY! I love this guy!

  45. 45) WOW his music is freaking awesome!!!!(: just became a fan please keep me updated on his work!! keep it up Douglas (:

  46. 46) Its great what you are doing. Douglas is Amazing lets hope I have good luck 🙂

  47. 47) Yay Go Doug – and the TOR for doing this for him 🙂

  48. 48) DID DID DID! 😀

    I hope I win this time! =D

  49. 49) please! i keep on joining Giveaway.. pay attention to the fans here in Asia! hoping i will win! ♥♥ thank you

  50. 50) Fingrers cross! Team Edward

  51. 51) hi let’s Italy wins for once!!! btw I love Douglas music and Robert Pattinson ❤

  52. 52) This is AWESOME!! I think it’s great what you’re doing for him! His voice is excellent!!

  53. 53) I love his music. It’s wonderful 🙂 Team Edward ❤

  54. 54) trying again. pick me PLEASE!!!

  55. 55) Team Edward forever and for always!!!! 🙂

  56. 56) Yes, done!!! I hope for the best…me and my son loooovvvveeee Robert! 😀

  57. 57) Thank for the chance!

  58. 58) Wish Douglas a ton of success…been following since you introduced him here 🙂

  59. 59) Love your giveaways! ❤

  60. 60) DONE DONE DONE

  61. 61) Would love to have the poster. Thanks, ToR!

  62. 62) Love your big cat pics…Specially the cute cub

  63. 63) Done!! I can’t wait for BD2.

  64. 64) Followed and liked, lion cubs are sooo cute!

  65. 65) please God, i want win this time 🙂
    guys awesome page

  66. 66) 🙂

  67. 67) omg I want it *-*

  68. 68) Omg! I would die for this! ❤ Rob! And Edward lol

  69. 69) Nice thing what you’re doing!
    It would be awesome have that poster ❤ It would look nice in my room here in Chile (: xD

  70. 70) Yikes! Crossing my fingers! BTW, he’s really amazing! I’ve listened to his music before and it’s really great! Oh please! I love that poster. This contest is my only chance to have that poster (which is so perfect for my collection) since i’m from the Philippines. Thank you so much for doing this contest. W xox 🙂 🙂 🙂

  71. 71) It’d be SO cool to win!! We don’t get to participate in things like this in Egypt very often! Fingers Crossed 😀

  72. 72) Keep up the good work Douglas!! 🙂 Please let me winnn! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!! 😀 ❤

  73. 73) Always love helping out a musician from the United Kingdom. Looking forward to watching the videos & listening to the music shortly. Thanks ladies – great idea. Way to go!! Rob would love it, am sure.

  74. 74) What are you doing is amazing, girls. 🙂

  75. 75) sounds great and I would love to win the poster 🙂 🙂

  76. 76) Thanks ! Already liking, following and listening 🙂

  77. 77) I love Douglas Hamilton’s song It will make a great new addition to my wedding. It says everything that my love and I are looking for in a song. Thank you Douglas. You rock.

  78. Douglas really appreciates all your comments by the way. He’s seen them all 🙂

  79. 78) already done for while ago..but i thought i would love to win that amazing poster of Edward///. i would love to have one!!

  80. 79) Done 😀

  81. 80) done, so can’t wait for this movie and the poster is amazing.

  82. 81) giveways!! I want it!!! Go Douglas Hamilton!

  83. 82) He’s good. I think he deserves to be known, … Great cause and Nice giveaway… 🙂

  84. 83) I really like this song 🙂 and of course I am looking forward to Neovember… Thanks for this great giveaway

  85. 84) I love this contest!

  86. 85) Well I like Doug been following him for a while now and I wouldn’t mind the poster I’ve been after one from the old days of Twilight LOL 😀 xxx

  87. 86) Amazing song! Great prize!

  88. 87) Great contest! Thanks.

  89. 88) Great!

  90. 89) i like his songs :D:D and the cute video of him and the cubs! :D:D

  91. 90) …mmmhm…a magnetic Edward….and an always awesome Rob!!!

  92. 91) Pick me!!

  93. 92) I saw his videos with the lions a while ago, he seems a great guy!!

  94. Aloha from Hawaii 🙂

  95. 94) would love to have Edward Poster, TOR maybe you could hook up Rob with DH, since he loves animal too and music

  96. 95) Hope always full of hope ! Hope this is my birthday gift fingers. Crossed

  97. 96) I want this posteeerrr! And hey.. i’m liking Douglas. 😀 ♥

  98. 97) Done. I want that poster !!!!

  99. 98) Team Edward!! 🙂

  100. 99) He is amazing!! please please god i want that poster!!!

  101. 101) Did all!! Good luck to all!! I would love to win this!! Do U have a Bella one?

  102. 102) Already Following, already Liked, now comment is done! 😀

  103. 103) Can’t wait for this next one. Awesome contest.

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