New great Robert Pattinson wallpaper and edits by @Creationsjules   1 comment

Here is a great wallpaper by Jules and some great edits after the jump!


More after the jump!

Posted February 26, 2013 by Sim in Fan Art, Robert Pattinson, Wallpapers

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One response to “New great Robert Pattinson wallpaper and edits by @Creationsjules

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  1. On paparazzi reform I have this to say: steps should not lag in workng out a full and water tight solution to the problem the paparazzi represent. Technology increases faster than governing bodies tend to act, This should not be a wait and see subject.
    I have long feared another Princess Diana tragedy. Or even God forbid another Rebecca Schaeffer. The hatred some stars are
    treated to by the tabloids is also a worry. It only took one obsessed nut to get to John Lennon some of these actors and actresses have thousands either fanatically passionately obsessed or actiely hated with a vengeance, Unless someone gets busy changing or at least restraining the open atmosphere where these people have so much access to the stars I fear for the future.

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