New Picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with fan   4 comments


Poor @lanypoo was attacked by vampires last night. #creaturesofthenight #robertpattinson #kristenstewart #twilight #vampires


Posted March 20, 2013 by fastieslowie in Robert Pattinson

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4 responses to “New Picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with fan

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  1. Rob looks sad,mmmmmmm…………..

  2. How gorgeous of Rob. I hope he rested well after that long flight and after all that hard work in such harsh conditions, Thanks for posting.

  3. Lucky fan and lucky us to see Rob and Kristen together after Rob long flight from Australia.

  4. I got your e-mail, then I went to the girls twitter and watched it all happen as she told the story. How her and her friend were in a bar. Her friend was a fan, but she isn’t..Her friend recognized Rob &Kristen and had her picture taken with them, hence the now famous picture. She’s got everybody I.e. news, magazine’s etc. contacting her for details. But I said all that to say this..You guys sent me the E-Mail so I went right to the twtter site and watched her get bombarded with ?’s thanks to you Guys!! and I was really missing Rob and now everyone is so happy to see them together. Thank you sooooo much. Rob looks too thin and very tired! You guys are the best for new information about Rob! God Bless

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