Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favourite Robert Pattinson Movie   11 comments

We’d really like to know what your favourite Robert Pattinson movie is, so here’s a little poll for you today. Feel free to let us know why in the comments!


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11 responses to “Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favourite Robert Pattinson Movie

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  1. While I thought Remember Me was great. I thought Rob’s acting skills were over the top in Bel Ami.

  2. Who can ever forget THE KISS in the final scene of Twilight in the Pavillion at the prom when Bella is begging Edward to change her? He wants her so badly. That close-up of the emotion on both their faces totally blew me away. And let’s not forget the restraintful hissing sound that Edward makes in his throat as he is quickly draws back from from her neck asking her, “will it not be enough that we are together” and she replies, “for now”. I have played this scene so many times over it’s a wonder my dvd is still playing 🙂 His moving “goodbye scene to Bella” in New Moon is another that stole my emotions. The versatility of this actor, our own Robert Pattinson shows in The Haunted Airman, Little Ashes, Cosmopolis, Bel Ami. I guess I am rambling now but I am sure those of you who enjoy this man’s talent must feel the same. I do not go to twitter or facebook but I hope I will see many of you right here leaving your replies as well. Thanks Josie

  3. I love them all. I love remember me and little ashes. But also the haunted airman and of course wfe.

  4. I truly can’t pick just one. Rob has had the “major talented actor” mark on him from the very beginning and his matinee idol good looks and charm puts him ahead of all the rest. He just has the “it” factor that you either have it or you don’t, and not many do. He takes my breath away on screen…in every scene he’s in.

  5. Love all of Rob’s movies. Yes, the first Twilight was memorable, Water for Elephants, Remember Me. Such a brilliant actor. So looking forward to seeing more of Rob’s movies. Sorry, can’t give a favourite. In a way Twilight I suppose because it introduced me to Rob, but his movies have all been so amazingly different, he’s just gold. Whilst his acting may be seen over the top in Bel Ami, that was the role, the era.

  6. I voted Remember me. Can’t explain why. I just get drawn to the story. Of course I fell in love with Rob as an actor in Twilight but this is the movie I watch over and over.
    I can’t wait until Mission blacklist #1 comes out. Loved the book and I really believe it could be Rob’s shining moment. Great role. Can’t wait what the future brings for our favourite actor

  7. Remember me

  8. I love seeing polls about Rob. When he first starred in Twilight, I recall someone saying he was popular for now, but would be a flash in the pan. I wonder where that person is now. The real fans have become more loyal and protective as time passes.

  9. Rings of the Nibelungs has 0 votes? How is this possible? lol #iactuallyenjoyedthatmoviealot

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