Nan Goldin talks about Robert Pattinson and how she immortalized him for Dior Homme’s AD   1 comment

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A body floating in the turquoise water of a pool, the face of a young man whose features are still teenagers .A raw, intimate light that stirs the sensuality of the flesh. It is Nan Goldin . And if it were not for the exceptional celebrity model , nothing in this picture – or in those that make up the series of which it is extracted – not denote with the previous work of the American photographer . However , Robert Pattinson, the model in question , not really part of the elective family of Nan Goldin .


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Portrait of Paul Cadmus by Luigi Lucioni / French Chris on the Convertible

Or clueless or underground , the hero of Twilight had never met the artist before this project orchestrated by Dior, which is the new face for the perfume Dior Homme (1). And without doubt, the photographer, enthusiast Antonioni film and Fassbinder had she never heard of him. But the alchemy worked: . “I have not seen his vampire movies , because it ‘s not my style , says Nan Goldin hoarse timbre What interests me about him is his person. Robert is a lovely boy, so sweet , loves to play guitar . music is his natural element, probably more than the movies. ” With this series , the photographer wanted to reflect the grace of a young man. “One of the starting points was the portrait of the artist painter Paul Cadmus by Luigi Lucioni [ 1928 ] exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. Even brown hair , same blue eyes , Robert has something of this boy . ” ( Photo above at the left ) Hundreds of fans posted around places of shooting in New York, the photographer has no recollection : “I did not see anyone , but I think I heard .

“WHAT IT GIVES TO SEE ROBERT PATTINSON is not his bulky celebrity – he spent most of his life in hiding – or glamor image of the hero of a people culture which is totally foreign . Nan Goldin went to get the actor she has always highlighted in his models : youth, the gendered body and the expression of an individual destiny.”

For the first time , I looked back, I plunged back into my archives , which I never do because I do not want to repeat myself , I plagiarize myself. And I found in The Ballad of Sexual Dependency [ his most famous work, a slideshow of 800 photos between autobiography and documentary , shown for the first time in 1987 at the Rencontres d’Arles ] an image that I wanted to inspire me : French Chris on the Convertible [1979] (Photo abive at the right). I wanted to find the same virginity , this same grace . ” So, for this command , Nan Goldin – whose last exhibition scopophilia , date 2011 ( 2) – is back to work . ” As did Diane Arbus before me – be careful , do not say that I compare myself to it – I would make a book of my fashion photos, these images have long been despised by museums.” In her London studio , the artist completes a box. A mystery object that contains the series “Robert Pattinson” edited by Dior, in limited edition and will be sold in art places late November.” I’m glad this project concludes Nan Goldin said wearily . So many things have happened since this morning. It is 19 hours and I still have not had breakfast … “

ETA: Amazon UK has listed a Coffret Robert Pattinson-1000 Lives by Nan Goldin. We don’t know more details about what that is for now, but here’s a pre-order link for those interested.

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