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From all of us here at ToR


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Sweet Marie,

I’ve known you for 4 years or already and I’m proud and honored to call you my best friend. You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and we’ve been talking every day ever since. You’re sweet, caring and fight for the people you love. Know that you deserve the world and all the happiness in it! We’ve been through ups and downs and I wouldn’t have missed every moment with you. I’m sending you virtual hugs, love and all the happiness that you deserve. Love you tons and thank you for being you.

Simone x

ps: just for giggles – your favorite Rob interview 😉


Dearest M,
I want to wish you a happy bday and lots of luck and love for the next year to come!
I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, I wish I could give you CMM but sadly I don’t know him.
But I promise you I’ll try to watch OTH someday.
My darling Marie,
Wishing you a fantastic birthday. I want you to know that I think you are one amazing woman and that I admire you tremendously. You manage everything with so much grace and are an example to many of us. As I told you earlier, I wish there was a way for us to really help and make things easier but sadly, we can’t really do that. Just know that we are here for you when you need us or want to. I hope, one day one day in the near future, I get to give you a big ass hug. Keep carrying on and I hope that today is a special day for you with your loved ones.
I send my love,

Happy birthday la Marie!!!

Your usual supply of birthday hobnobs and tea are on the way. That’s if you can step away from OTH long enough to sign for the them. Hope you have a reallllllllly great day, be as lazy as possible, and make everyone your slaves. I know you’ve been going through some tough times, but I still also think you’re one of the strongest people I know, no matter what. Keep your chin up. This is the part where we’re supposed to hug…. Ha.  *arm punch*

Lots of love, Z,  Lurkmaster extraordinaire xx



Dear Marie,

looks like I’m not the only who had the great idea of wishing you a happy birthday with CMM.. but hey, you’ll get two CMM pics from me + ROB (since you started the best Rob fansite of all times – thanks for that btw 😉 )

On a little bit more serious note (haha) , I wish you a happy birthday, filled with fun, laughter and your loved ones. Thank you for being such a great friend and even though I might do not like to hear it sometimes, you always give the best advices and I hope someday I can be so strong as you.

Love, ObiBenSock (or B.)


Happy birfday, FP!

I was going to make you a fancy-pants OTH birthday banner, but then I realized I have no idea if you’re Team Leyton or Team Brucas or just Team CMM. #friendfail Anyway, have a fabulous birthday, eat all the cake, and watch a season or two of OTH!



Happy Birthday to FPOnTheDL … Hope this one is fabulous!

A great big hug and thanks for the blog!

Love that there is always something to look forward to.

Be crazy just for a day! Then tell us what you did 😉



Hiya FP!!!

Hope you get up to… uh… mischief? With or without balls…

Lots of love and birthday wishes,

Random hugs and birthday kisses!



Suz aka KiwiSparkle


Dear Marie,
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.
I hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.
Enjoy your special day.


Marie, You know I love you and your site. It’s still the classiest out there and the only one I go to for real news, not rumors or pap crap. Thanks for always keeping things respectful. I hope you have an amazing birthday!
Morgan (bandmum/Mumager)


Happy Birthday Marie
I wish you that all your Dreams & Wishes are coming true!
Have a awesome Day !
With Love Your Sandra ❤ ( @IamRobAddicted )
Marie's Birthday


Dear Marie,

¡Muy feliz cumpleaños! Hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by love and lots of presents.
I know last months haven’t been easy for you and I missed you on twitter. Just wish for you that stars soon aligned for you and your loved ones.
Enjoy your day!
Big hug

Flavia (@flying099)


‘ Happy Birthday Marie 🙂 Have an enjoyable and relaxing day and hope you get spoiled. Sending love and hugs <3’ Katie aka @word_scribbler

Happy birthday Marie , I hope your birthday is awesome . Scott


Happy Birthday Marie.
If I could give you one gift for your Birthday, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realise how special you are to me and everyone around you!

Dougie xx

Happiest Birthday to you, Marie! I hope you have a wonderful day! ❤ Ruthie




Dearest Marie,

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I hope that it’s wonderful and that you get to do all the things that make you smile. You are one of my absolute most favorite people and I wish that I could spend it with you in person. But I will be sending you so much love! If you feel a strange tingling sensation, that’s just me and my vibes. 😉

I’m including this picture of Rob because it’s one of my favorite memories of you. Remember when we were in New York and I rubbed my bum all over Rob’s vomit spot? Good times! I will never forget it. hehe

I love you, Marie! Hope you have an amazing birthday!



Film Set: 'Remember Me'




Wishing you a very happy birthday Marie! Hope it is a wonderful one

xx Love Maryann aka @Marystat on twitter 😀


Dear Marie, have an amazing birthday! It only comes one day a year so do something to make it memorable!!!
Happy happy birthday!
lots of kisses, Adriana (@Adriana_2901)


I just want to wish you Love, Happiness, Joy and Smiles and a little humor. Hugs and I promise I will visit you within the next couple of years or we can meet up in NYC before then. Love ya!

BTW Superman so Rocks!



 Happy Birthday to my favourite French Canadian!
Sending lots of love from Scotland xxx



Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet. I miss you like crazy. I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Let’s plan a reunion trip soon! (((HUGS)))
Amber x


Happy birthday Marie!!!
I wish you all the best on your birthday and everyday!


Happy birthday dearest Marie. If anyone deserves a wonderful day it’s got to be you.

Love you babe and hope the next year turns out to be a much better one.


Sam xxxxx


Happy HAPPY Birthday Marie!! This fandom is crazy and has gotten crazier but I will always be thankful for bringing me friends like you ♥

aka Allison 😉


Happy Birthday to the crazy duck porn photographer. I hope you remembered to edit those pictures out before showing your son LOL. I’ll always be your bodyguard when you come to NYC.

Love you forever!
AKA The Crazy New Yorker ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday Marie! Hope your year is full of good health, happiness and much love!

Big hugs xoxoxo

Christine aka Rpattzsexhair


marie birthday

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11 responses to “Happy Birthday Marie!

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  1. Happy bday!!!!!!
    Thanks for making my world a better place

  2. Happy birthday Marie!!
    Always wishing you the best.
    I’ve been following your Rob blog for years now… I don’t comment on them because I’m a very mysterious person…
    Heh… J/k.. I just hate typing :p .. But I’m doing it right now because you’re special :).
    You always have my respect for always knowing how to handle yourself and this blog. I think you’re awesome.
    I hope you get all the love you deserve.

  3. Wishing you the best birthday ever, Marie. You bring the class, the beauty, the flawless chronocling of his career from Day One, to the world. I cannot imagine a world without Thinking of Rob. Thank you for your dedication and hard work and beautiful site, and your passionate devotion. Happy Birthday! Lauren/RobOnly

  4. Happy Birthday Marie !
    Don’t change, you’re perfect like this 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Marie ! I read your blog every day and I think it’s one of the best, I do not write much because I’m Italian and my English is not perfect and I’m afraid to make many mistakes. I wish you a life full of love, joy and happiness

  6. Happy Birthday sweets! Hope your day is wonderful xo

  7. happy birthday….I hope you enjoy it…….SMILE

  8. Dear M,

    You are such a precious person,
    Kind and gentle with out end.
    Wishing you good cheer and gladness,
    Happy Birthday my dear friend.

    You are THE BEST M!!


    Always yours,
    Schelmy ❤

  9. Happy Birthday!!! The only wish I have for you now is to have a speedy recovery & continued good health

    Lailanie (@VioletRoseIV)
  10. Happy Birthday Marie,
    Hope this Birthday brings you health and happiness! You deserve them both.

  11. Bonne fête Marie!!! 🙂
    Je te souhaite la meilleure des années, beaucoup d’amour, de santé, et plein de moments joyeux et inoubliables! ❤

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