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*SCANS* New Interview and Picture – Robert Pattinson in ‘Lux’ magazine (Portugal)   2 comments


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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in ‘Faces’ Magazine – New Quotes (Switzerland)   Leave a comment

New Quotes:

About shooting the scene on the beach:
“The whole bumper fell off; it was wild (laughing)!”

About linking memories with certain smells:
“I remember my dad wearing Brut de Fabergé. He still has it, and it reminds me of my early school days.”

About linking cities or countries with certain smells:
“My dad is from Yorkshire. There are moors/swamps and heather everywhere – the smell is incredible. We used to spend Christmas there, and although I haven’t been there for years, this smell stayed with me somehow.”

About his favorite smell:
“I like the smell of people (laughing).” (Then he talks about discovering perfume when he was 12 years old.)

About his perfect day:
“I can’t tell exactly, I like to occupy myself with things. At the moment, I’m working on a story with a friend. I like to talk to people and work on projects with them. And I like to argue with people every now and then (laughing).”

He talks about Death Grips being his favorite band right now.

He talks about his clothing style (we heard about that before in other interviews; nothing new there).

Last question: Twilight made you famous, Cosmopolis changed your Image and Romain Gavras’ campagne film for Dior gives your charakter something unexpected. How sweet ist the smell of success?
“Being an actor is weird and the definition of success (…) changes over the years. Of course there is a sweet side to success: I don’t have to worry or to work only for money, at least for the next few years. I have a huge respect of all these movies, that’s why I try to take the time and energy to make these exciting decisions not everyone makes. (…) But I don’t feel I’ve already been that successful. There’s something about Dior that suits me: The brand is staying persistently independent and that’s what I want for myself right now.”

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in ‘Sunday Times’ – Australia   1 comment

Here are few scans of Robert Pattinson in the Australian Sunday Time.  It’s the same interview as the one in Sunday Style which you can read here


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