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New Project: Robert Pattinson starring in ‘Misoneism’ – short film directed by Zach Hill from Death Grips?   1 comment


ETA: The band posted that Rob is probably not doing a movie with Death Grips’ Zach Hill. Even on their article they’re not sure of what’s going on. Is this part of a “social experiment” as mentioned on the letter released by the band (posted below) to Pigeons and Planes and now denied to Pitchforks? Well we’ll wait and see.

From Pitchfork:

The band tells Pitchfork that none of this is true. There is no short film directed by Zach Hill and starring Robert Pattinson. They don’t know who sent the letter. But, this being Death Grips… who knows what’s going on.

ETA2: Colin Hanks spoke to Consequences of Sound and said he didn’t make a movie with the band.

From Consequences of Sound:

Hanks tells Consequence of Sound that news of him making a movie with Death Grips is untrue. So it definitely looks ilike we can chalk this one up as a hoax. Sorry, folks.

ETA 3: Pigeons and Planes posted an update to their post saying that someone claiming to be Death Grips’ management confirmed the letter, but the confirmation might be fake. So we’re back to wait and see…

From Pigeons and Planes

UPDATE: According to Pitchfork, the band has denied that any of this is true, but this may be all part of the plan. Someone claiming to be Death Grips’ management has confirmed the original letter with us, saying they are trying to keep this low key. But there is a chance that this confirmation is fake. Stay tuned.

ETA 4: Death Grips posted about the “letter” on their tumblr account. You can see the update by just checking the page, but if you follow them, you can see it on you Dashborard – posted yesterday.


Original post:

From Pigeons and Planes

Death Grips have been in the news lately for canceling dates and not showing up to scheduled concerts, but they’ve been productive during their time off. Today, they sent out a press release (sent “exclusively to 10 smaller websites”) to let people know what they’ve been up to, and in addition to starting a record label, they’ll be releasing books, artwork, and a film. The film is about underground prostitution, and in line with what Death Grips has been doing since day one, it sets out to shed light “in a shocking and abrasive way.” Read the full message below:

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson in Grazia magazine – South Africa   Leave a comment



Fragances often trigger memories. Do you have memories related to scents?
I remember my dad wearing Brut de Farbegé. He still has it, and it reminds me of my early school days. So strange it is so ingrained in me; I can still imagine exactly what it smelled like. Later when I was 12 and started talking to girls, I thought wearing perfume was the cool thing to do. I remember being on holiday in Portugal and watching teenagers going into bars. As I believed that splashing cologne would convince everyone I was an adult, I sure did: that and hair gel were my best friends that summer.

Are there landscapes or cities you associate with certain scents?
My dad comes from Yorkshire where the moors have miles of heather, and the smell of it is just incredible.

Do you have a favorite scent?
I like the smell of people! It is really odd and a total pherormone thing, but you can often tell someone’s nature by their smell. We hang out with people because they smell good to us on an unconscious level.

Now that you’re 27, is wearing fragance more feel-good gesture or a seduction move?
It still seems like a very adult thing to do. And if you go out with some fragance on, you are going out for a reason…

What woman could be wearing Dior Homme, in your eyes?
A free spirit. A woman of her own mind, refusing to smell “pretty” or do what’s expected of her. And clearly a woman who is not confused about her idea of femininity.

How sweet is the smell of success?
Being an actor is a weird thing and one’s idea of success, strangely enough, changes over the years. But there is the “sweet” side of success: I don’t have to worry and work just for money, for a few years at least. I have an enourmous amount of respect for films, so I’m trying to use whatever time, energy and influence I have to make interesting choices that no one else is making. I just said I was “trying” but it’s funny you know: I do not really feel like I have been successful yet. There is something about Dior that is very close to my present state of mind: it is almost aggessively independent, and that is what I’m trying to do with everything at that stage of my life.

You never seem to relax, but when you do, what’s your favorite…
Spot to relax?
 In the English countryside.
Piece of literature? Anything by Martin Amis.
Piece of music, musician or band? Probably Van Morrison.
Moment of the day? That changes depending on what I did the day before.
Pastime? I do not really have any. But it’s probably something to do with music.
Animal to be around? My two dogs.
Word to hear? Yes.

via Gossipgyal | transcript via RPLife

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