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Sam Claflin mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   Leave a comment

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Director Brady Corbet Gives More Details About ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’   Leave a comment


From The Aesthete:

Corbet is about to embark on his most daunting and risky gamble to date. As soon as he wraps Paradise Lost, he heads back to Paris to begin prep on his debut feature as a writer-director. And it’s a doozy: a WWI-era period drama called The Childhood of a Leader that he plans to film in both English and French with no genre hook or titillating graphic content. “It’s about an American family that has to go to France for the Paris peace conference,” Corbet says. “But it’s really a dark fable about this little boy coming of age during a very politically charged period in world history.” Corbet is well aware that to many it might seem like something of a tough sell. “I’m trying to find new and evocative ways to talk about it and make it sound not so dry because it is very formal, but it’s almost a thriller. It flirts with being a thriller for sure. Yeah, it’s a strange film. I guess I’ve always been passionate about anything that feels difficult.