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Nan Goldin mentions Robert Pattinson with ‘Hint Fashion’ magazine   Leave a comment


Your work is primarily concerned with honesty, so how does that work when you photograph fashion or celebrities?

That’s not so much about honesty. It’s more about finding my own aesthetic in the situation — trying to stay true to my own aesthetic instead of doing what they want. A lot of fashion replicated my work but it was all cleaned up. I can have fun, I can enjoy it. It’s not my goal to become close to Robert Pattinson, who I did a big Dior campaign with. I’d never heard of him before! One of my great things is I don’t know who anybody is. If the designer interests me and the location interests me then it’s easier. I photograph places a lot now — architecture, the sky, water. I’m more interested in all of that right now. Sometimes I meet people who touch me. My friends have gotten old and they’re not always as happy to be photographed. But I still photograph some of the same people [whom she commonly refers to as her tribe] that I did at the beginning.

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