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Flashback Pic Post: Loads of Robert Pattinson Edits From Various Events – Part II   1 comment

Here is part II of Robert Pattinson edits from various events


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Media reactions to ‘Maps to the Stars’ trailer   2 comments

Here are few media reactions to the ‘Maps to the Stars’ trailer


The Film Stage:

This first preview — almost more in line with a sales piece than some official glimpse — offers a closer look at some of the plot machinations, what’s on display possibly working (early as this guess is) in some harmony with A History of Violence. All else looks and feels like a late Cronenberg picture — the return of cinematographer Peter Suschitzky ought to play some part in as much — and for yours truly, who considers the aforementioned 2012 picture among his greatest, a continuation (or “evolution,” as is probably more fitting) is one of many signs which point to one of 2014′s most essential pictures. Here’s one that can’t come soon enough.

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New FanPic of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a new photo of Rob with a fan from yesterday



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