Happy Birthday @Slowie!   3 comments


Happy birthday B! We hope you have an amazing day. We are truly blessed to be able to call you a friend and have you as part of ToR. 

The ToR girls


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Happy birthday B! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness. I’m so glad to be able to call you a friend and you are so precious to us. I hope you get to eat lots of cake and that you manage to get some time off soon. 

Love you loads, 





Dear B, You’re an amazing friend, always ready to help everyone and one of the best and fastest news grabbers out there! ToR wouldn’t be what it would be now without you! I hope you have an amazing day with loads of love and I’m absolutely honored to call you my friend. Never stop drunktweeting (I need that dictionary LOL) and keep smiling! You deserve it!

Loads of love, Sim




Dear b, I hope you realise how special you are not just today but errrrry day! You are kind and giving and generous, and one of the hardest workers out there! Don’t ever forget! Thanks for all the laughs, books, and typos. We love ya.

Enjoy your birthday! Z xxxxxxxx


Dearest B,

I want to wish you a very happy Birthday! You are an amazing person and you deserve all the best for your Bday! Also if you weren’t part of ToR it would probably be 10 years behind on all the pics and things!
Once again a Happy Birthday!

Lots of Love


Happy birthday, B! I hope you have a fabulous day. Enjoy some delicious beverages and eat lots of dessert (that someone else makes)!

❤ Jill


Happy birthday B!!!

Every year I appreciate the fact that I have you as my friend. Your loyalty to your friends is amazing – even those you haven’t met in person.

Have a fantabulous day, and have a wine for me :D.

Jan xxx


Happy Birthday B !!
I wish you that all your Dreams and Wishes are coming true!
Have a awesome Day!
Your Sandra xoxo   ( IamrobAddicted)
Happy Birthday B !
I hope u have a relaxing day and treat yourself to a few hours reading an awesome book 🙂
Katie @word_scribbler
Birthdays are a lot like boogers. The more you have,  the harder it is to breathe.
But there’s always medication.  So pop open the champers and lets PARTAY!
Have a great birthday B.

Happy Birthday Slowie! I hope you have a great day and an awesome year!

Best wishes to you 🙂
From TwiBritneyFan (RobPattinsonWeb) – Maria

Darling Slowie,
Wishing you a fantastic birthday and hoping that this new year that begins for you is filled with ALL the awesome things that you deserve.
I send my love,





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  1. Happy Birthday Slowie

  2. Happy birthday Slowie! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this!!! I’ll reply to everything soooon-ish 😉 THANK YOU! Made my day! <33

    UPDATE: Added more 😉

    ToR Girls: I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for the fun and having a family beside the real world 😉 ❤

    Marie: Nah, I'm not that awesome 😉 Thank you for the friendship and all the advices, love ya <333 and thank you for letting me be to be a part of this family; it's been a great ride so far (glad the Twilight promos are behind us 😉 ) oh and before I forget: the next Gold in hockey is mine 😛

    Sim: First of all; thank you for being such a great friend all the years; (only few people can handle my moods lol <33) Awwww you know how I copy with compliments 😉 I'm glad you didnt add a "you rawk" there 😛 Oh and ask Z for the dictionary.

    Z: OMG! You know Ryan?! And why didnt he left me a message as wel?! All I get is a drink from him?? lol thank you so much Z, we need to share some more of the laughs, books and typos 😉 <333 I think you need to help Sim with the "Drunktypo-dictonary"; didn't you start with "slowie – typo/typo – slowie dictionary" few years ago? LOL love ya <333

    Daphne: LOL thank you D!I'm still jealous btw! London, Disneyland…:P And nah, ToR is teamwork! Love ya! <333

    Jill: Sadly, no dessert involved but a verrrrrrrry yummmmmmy birthday lunch! Thank you Jill, love ya <333

    Jan: Hey, isn't that a hint like I should visit all the I haven't met so far? World trip! Thank you for being such a great friend, love ya! <33

    Sandra: Thank you Sandra!!

    Katie: Now we talking! I don't know what to ready, any ideas? Lol thank you Katie! <33

    D: I did PARTEY. sleeping 😉 thanks D 😉

    Maria: Thank you!

    Carolina: I sure hope the AWESOME are still ahead of me 😉 thank you C, love ya!

    Carol: Oh I'd love to see the ocean soon.. thank you Carol, you're a great friend <33

    Lisa: Not the gutter? 😉 LOL Thank you so much Lisa! Love ya!

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