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From Jana Cruder


It was a warm day in LA, I had an hour to set up and moments to create.  I did what I usually do, arrived early, game plan in mind, gear charged and ready to go.  I checked into the hotel, set up my scenes, tested the lights and walked myself through what my 5 minutes with Robert would be.   The clock ticked away, he was 3o minutes late.  I was convinced they cancelled.   Moments after that my client walked in and said they’re on their way.   My heart started racing and my fingers started sweating.  I double checked everything again, lights, cameras and exposure readings.

Robert walked in, said hello and shook everyone’s hand, I introduced myself as his photographer and he looked at me and said ” I like your pants “,  happy I chose the yellow ones that day.    I had set up in a small room in the suite and after Robert and I entered my client shut the door.  That was a blessing.  I was happy it was him and I,  being one on one with those in front of my lens helps me connect in and have a real chance to talk, try to know each other in a short amount of time where we both feel vulnerable, who is he and who am I?   We talked and we worked through the set up’s I had,    My brother was in town visiting so I looped him in to help hold a reflector and Robert and him started a conversation about the tattoo my brother had, a-ha a Star Wars fan, of course who isn’t.   A moment later, a voice yells through the door ” 1 minute ” Robert and I look at each-other like  wow – really?! We’re just getting going.

I still had more ideas and images to make.  I asked if he wouldn’t mind stepping outside, for something a little different and he agreed.   I pulled out one of my magic makers and it immediately caught Roberts attention, he was very intrigued,  I gave it to him and he played with it and loved the idea of an image with it…that moment created an opportunity to create this image, by bringing him into the process of the image creation I felt I earned a touch more of his trust. Together we made #MAGIC he was so nice and I hope to have more opportunities to create and collaborate with him. 

After all that is what its all about.

More photos of the shoot here

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