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ToR’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge   3 comments

If you can, please donate to or ALS Canada.

ToR was nominated yesterday by to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. ALS is a very brutal and serious neurodegenerative disease. ToR has both donated and done the challenge. People often wonder why people are pouring buckets of iced water on their heads, the iced water for a few seconds give you same feeling as someone with ALS.

As FPontheDL aka Marie, had already done the challenge and challenged Sam Heughan from Outlander, Slowie from ToR is doing the challenge on behalf of ToR. However,  we’re posting the videos of the challenges we have done and the people who have responded. If you’ve been following ToR for a while, these are people you’ll recognize. PS watch the videos, they’re quite funny 😉

Sam Heughan, from Outlander, we’re still awaiting your Ice Bucket Challenge 😉 

Site owner FPontheDL‘s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Video here 

She challenged Shannon, Douglas, Scott, Nat Sam Heughan

Here is Slowie from ToR also accepting the challenge (video


Shannon‘s reply to Marie’s Ice Bucket Challenge (video


Scott‘s reply to Marie’s Ice Bucket Challenge (video


Douglas‘s reply to Marie’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (video