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Alessandra Mastronardi talks about Robert Pattinson and LIFE   10 comments


Robert Pattinson? Let’s dismantle the myth: he is not a sex symbol. he is cute, but he fascinates you more for his kind behavior and/or for his attitude of a damned genius. But then, just because of it, for me he is more interesting. He has the world at his feet but he never acts pretentious or superior. A couple of times I asked him personal questions about his work and career. He is a bit embarrassed and shy – and I’m Neapolitan – but once he opens up he’s smiling and never dull.

Corbijn is very precise when it comes to the details. In the early days of filming I realized that Rob had some strange tics. I asked around if those were his. I was too shy to ask him myself and found out that those expressions belonged to Stock. The viewers may not even notice Rob’s efforts, but for Corbijn it was necessary that these things were done the right way.

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