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‘The Rover’ on FilmInk’s Top Australian Sci-Fi Films   Leave a comment


From FilmInk

2.      THE ROVER (2014)

Set in a remote stretch of Australia “ten years after the collapse” (as an opening title informs us), the stark sci-fi-tinged thriller, The Rover, introduces a world of arid reduction, where civilisation is hanging by a thread. The closest thing to the law are the army patrols that move from town to town, and the outback populace has responded in kind, namely with violence and debauchery. When the stony, enigmatic Eric (Guy Pearce) has his car stolen by a crew of criminals, he teams with the slow-witted but sweet dupe that they left behind (Robert Pattinson) to get it back.

Though the mention of cars, criminal gangs, and an Australian postapocalypse whip up instant memories of Mad Max, The Rover is no punked up, dystopic vision. This is an urgent, horribly familiar world with a smashed-to-bits moral compass. Thrilling, tightly characterised, and punctuated with neck-snapping jolts of violence, The Rover is a powerful meditation on the fragile nature of society itself.

“I wanted the movie to feel terrifying,” writer/director, David Michod (AnimalKingdom), told FilmInk of his sophomore effort. “I wanted it to feel intimidating and menacing. When you amp up the craziness of a world left after a post-apocalyptic event, you push the audience away. I wanted it to feel immediate. This is a movie about anger. The characters are angry about what has happened to the world. They’re suffering because of what’s being engineered all around them.”

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New/Old Still of Robert Pattinson in ‘Maps to the Stars’   Leave a comment

Here’s a still of Robert Pattinson in ‘Maps to the Stars’


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Robert Pattinson makes Sunday Times 50 young rich list   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson made another list: Sunday Times put him on #10 of their 50 Young Rich list:


Thanks to @BookaholicBabe for the tip and the scan

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Help For Nepal – How And Where To Donate   1 comment


As most of you know, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake this morning. Parts of the country are devastated and the death toll is rising as I type these words. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Nepal right now. To try to help any way we can, we’ve made a list of certified charities that are currently accepting donations for Nepal.

Sadly in times of great need, some people create “fake charities” and take advantage of others. So please be careful which charity you donate to. All charities listed below are legit.

We’re also providing phone numbers and websites for people searching for loved ones.

  • Google Person Finder: Click here
  • Facebook Safety Check: Click here 
  • Canadians can call the Canadian Government at: 1-800-387-3124
  • Americans can call the Embassy at: 1-888-407-4747
  • British people can call the Embassy at: +44 (0) 207 008 0000
  • People in India can call: 1070/ 080-22340676/22032582/22353980

Here are the emergency numbers in Nepal:


After the jump you’ll find information on the above-listed charities

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Storyboard update Brimstone movie – storyboard scene with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Storyboard artist Raimond van Soest is working on a new scene for Brimstone… with Robert Pattinson! We can’t wait to see the results


You can follow Raimond van Soest on Instagram HERE

and the Brimstone Movie on instagram HERE

New Robert Pattinson interview with F Magazine – Greece   4 comments

Here’s a new interview of Robert Pattinson with F Magazine


“I think I’ve gone crazy.”

He wasn’t looking for the easy way… A role that was more like a trap and his progress as an actor is very different from the usual. He is also unbereably good looking!!! Eyes, smile, hair and a talent that makes an effort to be revealed, but I know for sure that it exists!!!! LIFE will be his next movie in which he’ll prove it. Stop doing what you are doing and pay attention: Robert Pattinson talks…

Question: “You have to know that there are similarities between James Dean’s life and yours.”
“For me the story of James Dean and of Dennis Stock are two completely different stories. The story of James Dean, maybe because I’ve lived it up to a certain point, doesn’t particularly interest me. From the very beginning I identified more with the character of Dennis Stock.”

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HQ stills from ‘How to Be’   Leave a comment

Here are HQ stills of Robert Pattinson and the cast from How to Be


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New/Old Bel Ami BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

New/Old Bel Ami BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson


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Michael Epp talks about filming ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Michal Epp talks about filming The Childhood of a Leader with Robert Pattinson


From Südkurier

In the movie ”Childhood of a leader” Epp plays alongside Bérénice Bejo, who has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in ”The Artist”, and Robert Pattinson, who shot to worldwide fame with the “Twilight” movies. The actor remembers his time with the celebrities: ”At the end of each day I would often go to grab a bite with Robert Pattinson. Everywhere he goes, a cell phone is shoved in his face or he is asked for an autograph. And yet he has remained a super sweet guy“, he says, admitting: ”I do not envy these big stars.” Pattinson is a likable and down to earth kind of guy, ”especially considering what kind of pressure he is under every day since Twilight“.
Their movie is expected to be presented at the film festival in Venice.

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New picture of Robert Pattinson with fans   Leave a comment

Here’s a new picture of Robert Pattinson with fans at Coachella last week



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