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‘The Rover’ on FilmInk’s Top Australian Sci-Fi Films   Leave a comment


From FilmInk

2.      THE ROVER (2014)

Set in a remote stretch of Australia “ten years after the collapse” (as an opening title informs us), the stark sci-fi-tinged thriller, The Rover, introduces a world of arid reduction, where civilisation is hanging by a thread. The closest thing to the law are the army patrols that move from town to town, and the outback populace has responded in kind, namely with violence and debauchery. When the stony, enigmatic Eric (Guy Pearce) has his car stolen by a crew of criminals, he teams with the slow-witted but sweet dupe that they left behind (Robert Pattinson) to get it back.

Though the mention of cars, criminal gangs, and an Australian postapocalypse whip up instant memories of Mad Max, The Rover is no punked up, dystopic vision. This is an urgent, horribly familiar world with a smashed-to-bits moral compass. Thrilling, tightly characterised, and punctuated with neck-snapping jolts of violence, The Rover is a powerful meditation on the fragile nature of society itself.

“I wanted the movie to feel terrifying,” writer/director, David Michod (AnimalKingdom), told FilmInk of his sophomore effort. “I wanted it to feel intimidating and menacing. When you amp up the craziness of a world left after a post-apocalyptic event, you push the audience away. I wanted it to feel immediate. This is a movie about anger. The characters are angry about what has happened to the world. They’re suffering because of what’s being engineered all around them.”

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*SCANS* ‘The Rover’ in ‘FilmInk’ + David Michôd talks about The Rover and Robert Pattinson   1 comment

‘The Rover’ in Australian magazine ‘FilmInk’ + David Michôd talks about The Rover and Robert Pattinson

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson talks ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ and Fame with FilmInk – Australia   Leave a comment

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson’s Interview with FilmInk – Australia   1 comment

Here’s Rob interview with Filmink

You’re a vampire veteran now? Typecast?
“Edward is such a specific character – a benevolent vampire. I just realised that my fly is undone! I forgot what I was talking about! Umm, I doubt if there’s too many ‘nice vampire’ scripts out there for me to get typecast.”

We get to see you in a swimsuit in the latest film…
“I wear a onesie! I look like an inflatable frankfurter! So much of the books are about Edward’s body, and I’ve managed to avoid taking my shirt off for the whole series, whereas in the book, it’s almost every three pages.”

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Robert Pattinson in ‘FilmInk’ Magazine – Australia   2 comments

From RP Australia

Thanks to Kasey at Aussie movie magazine FILMINK, we can tell you that their latest issue (May 2011) has a story on Rob about his role in Water For Elephants. The magazine is not only available now in newsagents but also through the FILMINK iPad edition which is available for download through iTunes.  This digital version is tailor made for your iPad & loaded with extra content, videos, exclusives and more. How awesome is that! You can access this version by clicking here & as you can see,  there is a sample of Rob’s article above. Thank you so much Kasey for sending us the info, we do so appreciate it.

Source RP Australia

FILMINK scans   Leave a comment

We posted the links yesterday but here are the scans courtesy of MrPattinson.


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‘New Moon’ in FILMINK Magazine   Leave a comment

New Moon will be featured in the September Edition of Australia’s FILMINK magazine. Pattinson Online has some great scans up, you can check them out here.

The magazine will be available for purchase on September 18th in Australia or can be purchased online here. You can also e-mail

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