*VIDEO* Martin Koolhoven talks about Brimstone

Here’s a video interview with Martin Koolhoven, talking about Brimstone:

Translation (by us) after the jump

Q: When are you going to start filming?

A: Today is the premiere of this movie [thinks] That would be mid june, so yes June 15th is the first day of shooting.

Q: so starting on a monday?

A: yes, starting on a monday

Q: where are you going to start shooting?

A: I really don’t want to tell: it’s a secret. I’ll get all those Pattinson fans in my back yard: I don’t want that.

Q: [jokes] so you’re going to film in amsterdam then? [where Koolhoven lives]

A: yes I’m going to film in Amsterdam [laughs]

Q: we know 4 names that are going to be in the movie, are there more names you can tell us?

A: I haven’t asked, I don’t know if there are more names I can announce.

Q: Give us one?

A: uhm…. shall I do this? okay… Jack Roth. But now I’m going to have a lot of people getting angry at me.

Q: well go on inside then quickly!

A: okay bye!

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