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Great article about Robert Pattinson’s career


From Top 10 Films:

A movie star with swashbuckling good looks might suggest Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is just one of many Hollywood commodities, but beneath the surface, you’ll find far more substance in this talented Brit.

Unfairly ignored by those thinking of him only as “that guy from those vampire movies”, Pattinson proved that Twilight, while winning him favour with audiences across the world enamoured by the gothic, Romeo and Juliet-style romance of the Twilight series, only highlighted a small proportion of his acting talent.


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Perhaps what’s most appealing about Pattinson within his movie work is his courage to experiment. After Twilight you’d forgive him for pursuing similarly commercial roles – the sort guaranteed to gain favour from his core group of younger fans – but he hasn’t done that. In fact, he appears to have sacrificed “safe” projects for far more demanding films.

Take for example Rey in David Michôd’s The Rover. A far cry from the milky-white skin of his former vampire persona, Pattinson is grizzled and bloodied here in a performance widely praised. Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times called the actor a “revelation”, describing Rey as a “damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man’s half-unwilling accomplice.”

This sentiment was echoed by Ryan Pollard in his review for Top 10 Films. “Robert Pattinson is really coming into his own as an actor, after having landed fascinating roles since the Twilight years, and recently excelling in David Cronenberg’s striking Maps to the Stars. Here, Pattinson [is] perfectly able to play someone who’s slightly crazy and dangerous, yet somewhat sympathetic and tragic underneath.”

Partly because of the Twilight saga coming to an end, but also due to the actor’s boldness, it took until 2010 until I really saw anything of note from Robert Pattinson. That film was 2010’sRemember Me, a maudlin drama with a much criticised ending that unsurprisingly split audiences. In terms of the film as a whole, I found myself siding with those critics that saw merit in the taut, high-strung drama. I agreed with Roger Ebert when he said: “I cared about the characters. I felt for them. Liberate them from the plot’s destiny, which is an anvil around their necks, and you might have something.”

Despite the film’s lacklustre appeal amongst audiences and critics, it identified Pattinson as an actor of real promise; someone who could apply himself to different types of characters without his much documented private life taking the gloss off the performance.


It might be surprising that Robert Pattinson hasn’t gone “off the rails” having achieved fame at a young age and had to endure the invasive eye of the tabloid press for most of his young adult life. But here is a man whose intelligence perhaps belies his formative years played out in the limelight of celebrity. Cronenberg talks of Pattinson’s intelligence as an actor, his ability to recognise the nuances of character, and understand why the director wants to do things a certain way. “He’s very well-read, and very well-versed in cinema – which I’m not sure his fans know,” he said.

It’s the teen fandom, beguiling boyish good looks, English charm, and multi-million dollar fantasy franchise versus a cinematic intelligence and diverse acting range, selfless attitude and philanthropic endeavour, that makes Robert Pattinson a “talent for the unexpected”. Here is a man who’s the polar opposite of someone like Justin Bieber – all packaged, manufactured and commodified. Pattinson’s a genuine talent – a Hollywood good-guy whose success so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. just read this article and what is says is what i always thought about Robert. A much under rated actor.

  2. Finally, a great article on Rob that doesn’t include rag mag garbage. He’s a great actor who is sidelined by a war of fans that are obsessed with having some kind of control over him. I think he has a great work ethic and I’ve enjoyed all his movies. I’m anxious to see what he’ll do next. I’ve heard he’s a prolific writer. Perhaps we’ll eventually see him write a script. Thanks again for the insightful article.

  3. I agree with Kristen Stewart that the Twilight movies are something to be proud of. I don’t view them as “teen” movies. That was a label attached to them by someone who wasn’t aware that they appealed to a wider group of fans. You can’t really critique Twilight without having seen the movies. It was one role, Rob has played many since then and they’ve all been good. I thought he was amazing in The Rover. I look forward to seeing what other roles he’ll take on. He’s a great actor. he’s very intelligent and he has a great on screen chemistry. Thanks for the interesting article.

  4. It is refreshing to read something worthwhile about Rob. I never understood the criticism of Twilight, if one had bothered to read the books you can see that he played Edward exactly as Stephenie Meyer wrote the character. He has been awesome in every role I have seen. The Rover was stunning. I also am glad to read something other than his personal life. He has moved on and so should Twilight fans. He seems happier with Tahliah than he did for most of his relationship with Kristen.

  5. Great article! Rob is a fantastic actor. He’s amazing with dialog and can plan any role he’s given. The Rover was exceptional. I can’t say I’ve seen him in a role where I didn’t appreciate his talent. He wants to comment on his movies and that what the focus should be. His personal life is personal.

  6. Finally someone has written an article that gives Robert his proper dues…I have enjoyed all his movies and think many people have been caught in the Fantasy role he played in Twilight and feel he is truly Vampire Edward and Kristen was Belle; they were as characters–but are doing other movies and should be allowed to go forward without the constant animosity thrown on them be it their personal lives or the roles they play. I feel Robert is truly an observer he studies his roles,he reads about people who could be like the characters he plays and does a wonderful job of bringing them on screen. I feel he has so much more to share be it acting, writing or directing and I for one wish him the very best and I also wish the best for Kristen I think they have taken a beating from the press, fans etc….I agree with Linda, his personal life is personal and that is the way it should be

  7. Robs acting has gotten better with each movie he has made. I can’t understand why the academy doesn’t reward
    him for several of his movies. Water for elephants , he was fantastic in. He really puts himself into his roles. And yet
    he is always looked over. They rather give awards to people that have very little talent , the studios must pay
    a lot for this. I hope Hollywood wakes up and actually pays attention to this talented actor.

  8. I agree with everything this man said andthen some

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