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New Robert Pattinson Interview with Jolie Magazine   13 comments

Here are some quotes of Robert Pattinson from his interview with Jolie Magazine

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Bye-bye, vampire! The Briton has an appetite for new roles. But do not worry: he is as sexy as ever
Curly hair, bedroom eyes and a couple of three-day stubble on his face – as shown in the photo on the right, that’s how you know Robert Pattinson. But to the interview in Berlin, he appears with a handsome hipster beard. An attempt to escape the Twilight fans undetected? No, laughs the 29-year-old, the beard is for his new movie The Childhood of a Leader. And says: -We are just through with the shooting, but maybe I leave the beard for a while. Somehow I like it…. This days , however, Robert is  on the screen as clean-shaven as in his best vampire days to see. And that even twice: on the side of Nicole Kidman in Werner Herzog’s desert epos queen of the desert and as a photographer of James Dean in Life.

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Italian Premiere of ‘LIFE’ at Milano Film Festival   Leave a comment

Italian premiere of ‘LIFE’ starring Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan, directed by Anton Corbijn, at the Milano Film Festival

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