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VIDEO: Collider Movie Talk on ‘The Lost City of Z’ and Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Collider Movie Talk discuss Robert Pattinson and his current project ‘The Lost City of Z’. You should listen what they have to say about Rob! 🙂

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ in Ciak Magazine – Italy   Leave a comment

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ in Ciak Magazine – Italy


From Ciak Magazine:

Robert Pattinson: young fascist in The Childhood of a Leader

Frenzy and impatience for “The Childhood of a Leader” by Brady Corbet, based on the story written in 1939 by Jean-Paul Sartre, which will be screened in Venice on the same day (September 5th). In “The Wall”, the book on which the U.S. director based his movie, we are plummeted in the Existentialist era, the philosophical movement of which the French writer, who looks at the world with nihilistic eyes, was a real authority. All the characters of the book are imprisoned in a static life, a situation from which they cannot get out. Charles Marker, a boy who was searching for an identity, between a complex sexuality, sadistic impulses and a huge ego, is facing social, political and psychological implications that lead him to become a fascist leader during World War II.

But why we wait for it? Surely, the presence in the cast of Robert Pattinson, disturbed young fascist, elegant in a tuxedo and with his beard, is one reason. Pattinson, is emerging from a teen idol to a new icon of the movies world. The actor has dared and has been rewarded: from Cronenberg to Herzog he has accepted intense roles that have revealed an unexpected talent since the days of Twilight. Beyond Venice he will be soon on the big screen with Life by Anton Corbijn’s biopic of James Dean and his photographer friend Dennis Stock, two dazzling and unconventional characters, which the Italian premiere will be on September 17 at the Milan Film Festival and in October at the movie theaters.

Plus, Bérénice Bejo, who starred alongside Jean Dujardin in The Artis by her husband Michel Hazanavicius (Oscar winner for Best Picture in 2012), and as the “young nymphomaniac” with a shrewd gaze by Lars Von Trier – Stacy Martin – and the spirited actress Yolande Moreau, form a female trio in the film that is synonymous with art films.

Finally there is curiosity about how far the twenty-seven year old Brady Corbet has gone in his debut behind the camera. For his debut he has chosen living material, sometimes slippery (material). The probability of creating a great success or a total disaster is the same, we hope instead that Corbet was able to avoid the banality, giving the character nuances and contradictions of the human soul, just as at the time Sartre’s pen did.

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