SCANS: ‘LIFE’ in the French photography magazine ‘Polka’   Leave a comment

 ‘LIFE’ in the French photography magazine ‘Polka’


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Excerpt about Rob:

Anton Corbijn chose Robert Pattinson, whose early teen idol status is not without reminding the one James Dean inherited in his time. “It was interesting to ask Robert to embody Dennis Stock, since he lived this constant pressure of the lens after the success of ‘Twilight’. This fueled his interpretation and approach of the role,” says the director. By exploiting the opposition of the personalities and trajectories of these two characters, the movie ultimately portrays a photographer who revealed himself, to others and to himself, in contact with his subject. Because  if Dennis Stock changed the James Dean’s destiny, James Dean has also changed Dennis Stock’s destiny.

Scans and translation by Pattinson Art Work

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