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Queen of the Desert: New Picture of Robert Pattinson + New twitter account   Leave a comment

‘Queen of the Desert’ has a new twitter account + NEW picture of Robert Pattinson


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LIFE: NEW footage and BTS scenes + New Interviews of Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan and Anton Corbijn   Leave a comment

Here’s a new LIFE footage and interview with Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan and Anton Corbijn


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Alessandra Mastronardi talks about LIFE and working with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Alessandra Mastronardi talks about LIFE and working with Robert Pattinson

LIFE clip James, Dennis & Pier Angeli.mp4_20150923_043638.754

From Amica

What were your feelings, being among a cult director as Corbijn, Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan ?

Alessandra: “Anton is amazing: he is a tall, lanky man, that has been a great photographer in the music market and who follows everything with attention, every small detail.

Dane is great. He and and Robert are extremely generous. We met at the rehearsals and they never made me feel foreign. They made me talk in Italian, and then they repeated what I was saying, to learn. I have been on set for three weeks only.

I’ll never forget one thing that Robert Pattinson did. In the film there is a scene where Dane and I are in bed and he receives a phone call from Dennis / Pattinson. He (Robert) is not in the scene, so in the movie we can’t see or listen to what he says. Typically the ” hidden” voices are made by the director’s assistant, instead, this time, he was the one speaking: Robert Pattinson huddled behind a screen, responding to Dane / Jimmy Dean. He stayed huddled and hidden for one hour…”

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