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New/Old fan pictures of Robert Pattinson at Walmart in 2009   Leave a comment

Here are few fan pics of Robert Pattinson at Walmart in 2009


See the other pics after the jump

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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson ‘Maps to the Stars’ TIFF interview   Leave a comment

Here are few screencaps of Robert Pattinson’s interview with Yahoo Canada at TIFF

Robert Pattinson on Cronenberg and Hollywood.mp4_20151024_171330.873

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Robert Pattinson one of ‘5 style Icons alive today’   2 comments

From Gentleman’s Journal:

The term style icon must not be thrown around lightly, and it must be reserved for those gentlemen who not only know, without fail, how to dress, but look immaculate when they do so too. Black tie has long been the choice of suit for high-end events, and what could be more high-end than movies premiers and award ceremonies. So we’ve decided to show you 5 of our favourite celebrity style icons alive today, who all look suitably dapper in their Black Tie outfits. Remember gentlemen, a Black Tie outfit is imperative for all, so we’ve also put together an affordable outfit of such high quality you’ll be rivaling the greats.

Robert Pattinson


One of our favourite young British actors, Robert Pattinson is well known for his smouldering looks, especially when dressed in black tie. Like a true British gent, Pattinson personifies the formal evening-wear perfectly

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Mia Goth joins ‘High Life’ + more details revealed   Leave a comment

The actress Mia Goth joins High Life and more details about the movie have been revealed


From Deadline:

“Mia Goth is set to star opposite Robert Pattinson in High Life, the English-language debut film from director Claire Denis. The movie is about a group of criminals who accept a mission in space to become the subjects of a human reproduction experiment. They find themselves in the most unimaginable situation after a storm of cosmic rays hit the ship.”

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